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VPS is the ideal choice for anyone needing better hosting reviews website options to tackle the mounting surge of traffic to their several sites. VPS is the best answer to this problem because it is more flexible, economical and stable than reseller web hosting options.

If you’re an Internet marketer with several websites up and running, perhaps you’ve reached a point where your sites attract huge volumes of traffic per day. At this time, you need to consider better hosting options than your present reseller hosting. If you still cannot afford a dedicated server but are looking for equally superior stability and performance, go in for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

VPS hosting is all about having one server divided into several independent accounts with each VPS account having its own OS, web and mail servers. As in a dedicated server, here too you can access all configuration files that pertain to your account. For you, this means a greater ability to install and manage customized software.

Apart from providing more control over your hosting activities, you’ll find that VPS hosting accounts are safer than their shared hosting counterparts. Usually, people hand over the management of their VPS accounts to the hosting provider, though this may mean paying him a little more each month, usually $40-$60 each month for an entry-level, fully run VPS hosting account. You will be given an OS, RAM memory allocation ranging between 256MB and 512MB, control panel, bandwidth and large space.

VPS is more expensive than shared hosting as much depends on the needs of the customer.

Features: Its three main features are:

Full access: VPS gives full access to webmasters which makes them manage their configuration files better. Clients can also customize their set-up because VPS is entirely in their control. The space allotted to customers serve as independent and dedicated servers for clients.

Flexibility: This refers to the freedom to use platforms like PHP, My SQL and Apache. There will be no limit on the number of email addresses or sub domains you can have. You can install applications, reboot or update downloads.

Stability:Companies that sell VPS provide support 24x7. Through this service, they monitor the server every day and if the service stops for any reason, they have to get it up and running again. Since the VPS server is shared by all the other sites, if one of them malfunctions, all the other VPS’ will also not function.

Economical: VPS is a money-saving avenue for inexpensive and shared hosting, though it will not generate the huge traffic you need to make your site lucrative. But if you agree to spend a little more each month, you can get the service you want. Choose from among many plans that suit your needs and enjoy the benefits of using VPS.

Independent resources, faster access: VPS allows customers to operate separate domains. This offers clients greater speed, independent resources and faster access. Customers can also choose between using Linux or Windows as their operating system.