Applied Discipline Of Karmic Principles For Professional'S Success (A Leadership Learning)
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Applied discipline of Karmic principles for professional's success (a leadership learning)

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Life Coach
‘Immutable Echoes’ from an unknown past that illuminate an insight exclusively submerged into ‘action & dichotomy'; interpreted in the modern context of a complexity ridden professional; are the ‘karmic principles for Professionals’. They do not insist (karmic principles) of their compliance, instead give a beam of wisdom to judge & examine one’s perceptions towards situations, subjects & peoples in life.

It is true that dispensation of necessary obligations (expectancy shouldered) in today’s environs unnecessarily accrues to unavoidable stress, conflict, dissuasion & at times an element of ‘guilt’ within professionals. The accumulation of these unnoticeable & unseen impacts, later reflect in several forms of changes at physical and physiological ends. The changes deciphered by such impacts alter our behavioral patterns, state of mind & physical imbalances.

The corrective remedy to unleash enormous latent potential within and undoing of the accumulated venomous impacts of past lies in an illumination upon the ascertainment of the appropriateness of one’s perceptions towards life and its related subjects, people & situations.

Remember, all that is involved in making up of one’s mind towards different subjects, situations & people; irrespective of an instantaneous or a prolonged thinking, ultimately drives one’s acts. Actions lead to reactions… and reactions cast their impact within and without of a human’s entirety. Appropriate ascertainment at one’s insight not only enable release of appropriate actions but at the same time they (appropriate ascertainment at one’s insight) protect one’s state of mind from any kind of venomous impel generating at any end… especially in the light of discomforting harsh decisions mandated by certain situations.

How can harmony & joy prevail within a being while assigning 100 percent energies to achieve objectives while charting through insurmountable pressures. How can one restore towards primal fulcrum of deep gratification through accomplishment of personal and professional life. How can one contribute to situations and objectives of one’s inner ecstasy; even while working with tough people bent upon the pursuit of adversarial benchmarks. How should one examine one’s own self in the light of immutable facts of human existence manifested to cherish some specific objective. This and much more counts as a learning for any professional mind under the wisdom of Karmic Principles.

I have taught this subject since last 3 years to several middle and senior level management officers. Quite recently a cognitive exercise book has been authored my this teacher in order to serve the optimum learning of Karmic Principles. Now i conduct 2 day intensive learning program upon the aforesaid subject.


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