What You Should Watch Out For A Healthy Breakfast?
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What you should watch out for a healthy breakfast?

Eating breakfast is a good habit to get into if you want to improve your eating habits and especially if you want to lose weight. But there are still lots things you should notice.
1. Don't think that your morning meal is a magic bullet for weight loss. Eating breakfast does not improve your metabolism or have any other weight loss superpowers. The calories you consume at breakfast matter just as much as the calories you eat at every other meal.
2. Don't go carb crazy. Many typical breakfasts, like cereal, pancakes or bagels, include plenty of carbohydrates, but little else. A high sugar, high carb meal may leave you feeling hungry again soon after you eat.
3. Don't forget to count calories in grain products. Although whole grain breads and cereal offer some health benefits, many of them are higher in fat and calories than their refined counterparts. Remember to check the Nutrition Facts label and eat just a single serving.
4. Don't just pour the cereal into a bowl; measure it first. Cereal is one of the most common foods we overeat. A single serving of most cereals is just one cup.
5. Don't forget to measure the ingredients that you throw in the blender. Popular smoothie ingredients, like honey and fruit juice, are often high in sugar and calories. Smoothies can easily turn into a high-calorie diet disaster if you don't watch what you throw in the mix.
6. Don't go crazy at the local coffee house. Many coffee treats contain hundreds of calories and way too much fat. If you enjoy going to Starbucks or any other coffee spot, learn how to order a low-calorie coffee drink instead.
7. Don't make the mistake of overeating organic or health foods. Some studies have shown that people are more likely to overeat certain foods that they perceive to be healthy or that are labeled as organic.