Nine Healthy Foods Keep A Woman Evergreen
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Nine healthy foods keep a woman evergreen

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Almost every woman is seeking her own way to a curvy figure. As we know, a low-calorie diet is the key to successful weight loss, while a nutritious diet is the basic source of our daily requirements on nutrients.  What kind of foods are beneficial to losing weight? Here I will share nine healthy slimming foods that will keep a woman evergreen.
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1. Broccoli.
It is rich in antioxidant vitamin C and carotene, and it has been testified the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food. It is conducive to enhancing the anti-dry ability and maintaining the elasticity of skin.
2. Soybean.
Soybean has alway being called the king of estrogen. A heterogeneous flavonoid -- phytoestrogen extracted from soybean is always regarded as a beauty and anti-aging treasure. Its effect is as similar as estrogen, but it has no side-effects such as nausea, loss of appetite, breast swelling, irregular menstruation.
3. Honey.
Honey is a healthy food that is beneficial to improving human antioxidant level, and keeping skin ruddy, delicate and shiny. You can also add right amount of honey into auxiliary weight loss tea, which will bring you an excellent slimming result.
4. Milk.
Milk is a natural and green skin care product for its various nutrients, such as high-quality fat, protein, vitamin, mineral, and vitamin B family. Iron, copper and vitamin A in it can allow the skin to stay smooth and moist. Whey in it can eliminate facial wrinkles and crack. Furthermore, it can also provide the skin with closed oil and moisturize to form a protective layer outside skin to prevent the evaporation of moisturize. Therefore, it can paly a remarkable beautifying and healthcare effect.
5. Kelp.
Kelp is conducive to regulating blood pH and preventing the production of oil. Pork rib has an efficacy of nourishing liver and restoring blood. Therefore, it is a beneficial for your health to stew pork ribs with kelp together. In addition, this soup can help relieve the patients of the pains caused by general or local pruritus.
6. Salmon.
The main cause of human aging lies in sugar molecules attached to the collagen. They will destroy the cells to from rigid fiber without elasticity, thereby resulting in wrinkles. While wild freshwater fishes contain an unique fatty acid, such as salmon, mackerel and trout. They can help stimulate the nerve, repair the damaged cells, and induce the contraction and taut of subcutaneous muscle, thus bringing you youth and vigor.
7. Kiwi.
It is high in nutrients, sweet and sour in taste. It is conducive to nourishing the health and strengthening the immunity, clearing away inner heat and causing diuresis, promoting the production of body fluid and moistening dryness. In addition, it can help resist the formation of melanin to eliminate the freckle. Therefore, it enjoys a wide popularity among the people.
8. Pork skin.
With the growth of age, the face will appear more and more wrinkles. What is the reason? The reason lies in the deficiency of collagen in human body, which will form an obstacle on the moisturizing mechanism  of cell to cause dry skin and wrinkles. Collagen in pork skin is 2.5 times higher than that in pork, carbohydrate 4 times higher, but fat 0.5 time lower. The main components of pork skin are collagen and elastin. Therefore, regular consumption of pork skin is beneficial to improving the poor moisturizing ability of tissue cells to reduce skin wrinkles and keep evergreen.
9. Tomato.
Tomato wins the reputation of "the king of civilian fruits" and enjoys the popularity among people for its delicious taste, high-vitamin content and favorable price. It is great for reducing the cholesterol content. It also plays an adjuvant therapeutic role on treating anemia for its extremely high vitamin content. In addition, it also contains a certain amount of potassium and magnesium ions, which are conducive to lowering blood pressure, expanding blood vessels, relaxin blood vessel, flattening wrinkles, and invigorating skin.