Can We Save Paper At Home And Office?
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Can we save paper at home and office?

TSE(Technical Support Executive)

Remember how excited we were when offices were computerized and the idea of a 'paperless office' was considered fashionable? Alas! Instead of decreasing the amount of paper that businesses handle, technology has made it easier to create more paper trails than ever before.

When paper is such an intense part of our lives and we know trees need to be cut down to make it, why not be a little more judicious before we hit the print key?

Making a difference

Epapers is something we can easily take up. In most cases we just flip through the paper and read just about two articles before putting it away. Why not do that over the net?

Here are some tips that can help you be a conscious citizen and save paper.

In the office:

* Print only when it is absolutely necessary. And promote a 'think before you print' attitude.
* Set computer defaults to print double-sided.
* Proof read documents on screen before printing. You don't want to reprint pages because of errors that could have been avoided.
* Print addresses directly on envelopes and avoid using labels.
* Fill copier trays correctly to avoid paper jams.
* Encourage reusing paper that has been printed only on one side.
* Trim mailing lists used to send information to your customers to avoid unwanted and duplicate mailing.
* Change the paper cups in the pantry with ceramic stuff that can be washed and put back on the shelf.
* Use the fastest and paperless way to mail documents, email.
* Send wastepaper for recycling and ask for recycled paper products.

At home:

* If you can, stop buying the newspaper and read the epaper instead.
* Get your name off mailing lists that send you promotions you don't care about.
* Get washable cloth towels for the kitchen and cut down on paper towel usage.
* Teach children not to tear paper from notebooks to make airplanes.
* If you enjoy reading, join a library rather than buying books.
* Make the kabadiwala a friend and give wastepaper for recycling.
* Switch to recycled toilet paper.
* Don't accept promotional fliers as they are going to go straight into the bin.