4 Key Ways You Can Prepare For A Complete Window Replacement
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4 Key Ways You Can Prepare for a Complete Window Replacement

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Much of the decision making is done and you have a date for the removal of the old windows and the installation of the new ones. The main thing you should think about now is preparing for the day of the installation. Here are four things you can do to ensure the project goes smoothly.

 Make Room for Supplies

A day or two before the actual installation, there’s a good chance the contractor will want to deliver the new windows and some of the other supplies needed. You can get the windows installation off to a good start by preparing a place for those materials to be placed. Clearing out a spot in the back yard is one option, especially if you have a fence around that part of the yard. The contractor can designate a spot to place everything so the supplies will not be in the way of the window removal but will be close enough to reach easily once the installation begins.

Clear the Driveway

Arrange for all vehicles to be parked on the street or at a friend’s home for the day of the window installation. Your goal is to ensure that the trucks that will be used to get the crew to your home and to haul away the old windows can be as close to the house as possible. The steps saved during the day will allow the crew to work faster and get more done in less time.

Remove Any Obstacles

Make it easier for the team to get to your windows. That means trimming the shrubs, moving lawn furniture away from the house, and even taking the potted plants on the patio to a spot that is nearer the back of the property. When the crew doesn’t have to step around or over your things, the replacement will progress a lot faster.

Take the Family Dog to the Kennel

The day that you have the Etobicoke windows installed is a perfect time to take the family dog to a local kennel. while the pet is being boarded for the day, go ahead and arrange for the pet to have a bath, get the coat trimmed, and do something with the nails. Your pet does not have to deal with the stress of strangers being around the house and you get to pick up a perfectly clean and happy animal at the end of the day.

While it will take a little time, preparing for the replacement team to arrive will pay off in a big way. By making sure they have space to work and that nothing is in the way, you allow them to take care of all the essential tasks without any distractions. Once you see those new windows in place and how nice they look, all your efforts will be worth it.