Golden Triangle: Amazing Locations With Wonderful Architectures And Designs
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Golden Triangle: Amazing Locations with Wonderful Architectures and Designs

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Do you want to explore some heritage destinations with its rich in culture? Yes! Then select India as your travelling destination. It is really provide you a satisfied travel experience. This tour is full of joy for those who are looking for unity in differentiations and traditions that really inspired. India is a perfect blend of the most exquisite sights and its cultural life style.

There are so many tour packages available in this nation that gives you a luxurious and classy experience. This nation is separated into different state, which has its own unique quality either its culture or language and lifestyle. On the tourist point of view, this nation divides in four parts- north, south, east or west.

If you want to explore the Northern region then you can select the famous tour package named Golden Triangle Tour. This tour package allows you to enjoy a wonderful climate especially during the winter season. Many travellers preferred this time for exploring, but it doesn’t mean that no one come here rest of the time.

Yes! Absolutely this place is fully crowded throughout the year. Under Golden Triangle Tours, you can covered three most beautiful and ancient northern cities named Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Delhi is the heart of the nation and also a gateway city, most of the foreign visitors, firstly come to Delhi. Agra is a dream city, which everyone loves to see a beautiful marble monument Taj Mahal.

Jaipur is a city of Rajasthan, famous for its royalty, colorful culture and hospitality. Jaipur – a Pink City is glorious city with lots of heritage monuments like forts and palaces.