Off The Tourist Track: Unique Experiences On Your Pune To Chennai Trip
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Off the Tourist Track: Unique Experiences on Your Pune to Chennai trip

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While boarding your flight to Chennai, you must be thinking of taking a tour around Chennai, but to do so we often take recommendations from people around us and end up visiting the same places everyone visits. However, the real magic lies in the places that are mysterious, untouched and unexplored. We have listed down such places from Chennai, so make sure you visit them all on this trip.

Off the Tourist Track: Unique Experiences on Your Pune to Chennai trip

The Unexplored, Untouched and Unexpected beauty of Chennai

Gazing at something freshly discovered, inhaling the serenity and hugging the beauty of these places with all your heart should be your idea of a Chennai trip this year. We have listed a bunch of marvellous sculptures and spots you need to enhance your trip experience. Once you get off your Pune to Chennai flight, just make sure that you have already planned to visit these destinations: 

Bodyguard Muneeswaran Temple

Situated in Pallavan Salai, the Bodyguard Muneeswaran temple is dedicated to Lord Muneeswaran and is a vast subject of faith. There is a famous folklore that once a British officer tried to demolish this place but faced a huge misfortune and accident. Since then, people have visited here to pray for the protection of their families and people. That's why it is also famously known as the Bodyguard Temple.  

Our Lady of Lourdes

Situated in the lap of nature, this place is a mix of nature and man-made Marvel. Also, it has been said that the statue of Mother Mary in this church once blinked. Whether it is true or not, visitors often hope to witness that event at least once. If you are fond of fine architecture, you must visit this place, as it offers both peace and happiness.


An unexplored beauty from the Eastern Ghar. Nagalapuram is just 75 kilometres away from Chennai, which is nothing short of a marvel. This place offers a 15-kilometre-long trekking line, which is a perfect fit for adventurous tours. Also, you can witness the mesmerising beauty under the beautiful waterfall of Nagalapuram. These trekking lines are alongside the water stream; hence, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset while dipping your legs in the fresh water. 

Kolli hills

The best time to witness this hilly range's beauty is between October and March. During the Seasons of fall and Spring, this place attains its purest picturesque form. Untouched by most of the visitors, Kolli Hills has a range of waterfalls, hills, and forests. Its forest has several tropical fruits and wildly grown ayurvedic herbs and shrubs. So, what can be better than spending a little time of your life in the lap of nature?  

Broken Bridge

Have you seen a river joining the sea? If not, the Broken Bridge in Chennai is a perfect place to witness it. Used for shooting and other similar purposes, Adyar's famous Broken Bridge is known for its scenic beauty. You can visit this place in the morning to watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets. This is one of those places that would take away your heart and you would continually memorise it even when you are going back via Chennai to Pune flight.


Tranquebar, a Danish seaside colony, is a must-see on a short trip to Chennai. The beautiful beaches of Tranquebar are paired with the historical ruins of Danish fortresses and buildings and are a marvel to the eyes. It has been featured on Nat Geo. The best part is that it is the least crowded, which allows you to explore as much as you want without being bothered by the shrill cries and cacophony. 

Hiding Caves of Little Mount

These caves have been preserved for centuries because of their religious importance. The Hiding Caves of Little Mount are known as an abode for St. Thomas, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. It is said to have the footprints of St. Thomas and is treated as a shrine. If you are interested in such places, then give this a go. 

Pichavaram Mangrove forest

If you are interested in things like cruising, ferry journeys, paddling, fishing, photography, and much more, Pichavaram Mangrove Forest offers you all of those in one place.

Located between the two grand rivers, Vellar and Kollidam, Pichavram is the second largest mangrove in the country. It offers a scenic view of wildlife, birds, fish, and other flora and fauna you don't see on other days. You can explore this forest with the help of a guide and perform a range of activities to freshen up your mind away from the city's chaos.  

The Bottom line

Once you have enjoyed your trip to Chennai, it's time to catch your flight back to Pune to get back to your place. However, you will be going back with an enthralling experience if you take a trip to these hidden gems of the city.