10 Things To Do Khao Yai Thailand
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10 Things to Do Khao Yai Thailand

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Khao Yai in Thailand is the perfect destination for those who are tired of the mundane urban life and need an escape from all the hustle and bustle. Adorning itself with green carpet, this naturally beautiful land takes you to the magical land where theme parks coexist with vineyards. The Khao Yai National Park is one of the spots here that you can’t miss. Here are some of the top things that you can do in Khao Yai:

The Picturesque Palio Village: Located approximately 220 km from Bangkok, the Palio village has been modelled after a Tuscan village. Being the ideal destination for you to shop gifts, gourmet snacks, clothes and much more, this village is primarily known for being a picturesque shopping centre.

Palio Village

Khao Yai National Park: Adorning itself with primeval jungles, this Unesco World Heritage Site is much known for its wildlife. Spread over 2000 square kilometres, this park was featured in the Danny Boyle film named The Beach. Besides preserving the diversity of nature, it also gives you the opportunity to see the 150 metre tall Haew Narok waterfall. Khao Yai National Park tours are something that you would definitely not like to miss.

Khao Yai National Park

GranMonte Estate: Located at the lap of the Khao Yai National Park, this expansive valley is famous for growing and harvesting grapes. This is influenced from the sun-drenched vineyards of Tuscany and came into existence in 1999. You must visit the cellar-door shop and the VinCotto restaurant here. In addition, nothing can be better than having a guided tour of the vineyard.

GranMonte Estate

Jim Thompson Silk Farm: Jim Thompson was one of the visionary silk mogul who saved the disappearing cottage industry. In case you have visited the Jim Thompson Museum in Bangkok, you have a fair idea about this man. The most of the fine quality silk is sourced from the rural heartland of Pak Thong Chai. They offer a guided tour of this silk farm in December and January. 

Jim Thompson Silk Farm

Khao Paeng Ma: Your fondness for rugged adventure can take you to the Khao Paeng Ma which gives you the opportunity to spot wild gaurs. However, you need to patient and it can take hours before you can spot those gaurs. After a bumpy ride into the forest, you will need to go for a rather easy hike to the viewpoints. The ideal time to go here is just before the sunset.

Khao Paeng Ma

Lam Phra Ploeng Reservoir: One of the best attractions of the Khao Yai is this medium sized reservoir. Surrounded by greenery, this reservoir unravels the rejuvenating opportunity for you to soothe your eyes amidst the nature. You can go for fishing or bird watching here. You can also go to the Khun Jone with a hired boat.

Lam Phra Ploeng Reservoir

PB Valley: Known as the winemaking pioneer in the Khao Yai, the PB valley gives you the best chance to experience viniculture. After passing through the vineyards, you can go for guided tour and wine-tasting session as well. You must not miss the Hornbill Grill here which offers Western as well as Thai dishes with complimentary views of the spectacular vineyard.

PB Valley

Tub Lan National park: Being the second largest national park of Thailand, Go visit thailand honeymoon packages from delhi the Tub Lan National Park adorns itself with waterfalls, palm forests and wildlife reserve. You can also see the rare mammals including serow, black bears, tigers and so on. You should definitely take part in the creative reforestation which involves sending seeds into the forest with a golf club. Don’t miss the gorgeous sunset views from the Keb Tawan Cliff.

Tub Lan National Park

Village Farm Winery: Designed in European country style, this winery is known for its Chateau Des Brumes and Village Cellar wine. What truly makes this winery unique is the combination of log-cabin huts, stone-paved courtyards and underground wine cellar. If you visit the winery during the harvest season, you will be able to experience the dynamics of wine making.

Village farm Winery

 Wang Nam Kheo: Better known as the Switzerland of Isaan, this expansive greenery of the Wang Nam Kheo is all set to amaze you. What makes your experience even more unique is the lush valleys here that ensure that you get to experience some refreshing cool breezes. You should also visit the vegetable farms as well as the fruit orchards here. This is one of the best things to do in khao yai at night.

Wang Nam Kheo


Boutique hotels are the best option for you while you are in Khao Yai. If you crave for simplistic living, you should be looking at the bannokkokna Khaoyai which is famous for spacious yet minimalist rooms. Shall you desire to wake up to the magnificent green valley, u Khao Yai is the best choice for you. The Patravana Resort here has been built to provide the tourist with an unique experience of Thai architecture amidst serene mountains. The Phukumhom Resort is better known for its pink villas that guarantee luxury. Other hotels that you can try here are Balios Resort, Greenery Resort, Sir James Resort, Valata Khaoyai Resort and so on.


With gorgeous vineyards around, what you need to know is the food joints that offer delicious food. Dairy Home Farm Shop here is known for its homemade ice cream and organic produce. Drive down the nostalgia lane as you Ban Mai Chay Nam Restaurant which offers authentic Thai foods. The Buffalo Bill’s Texas Saloon Steakhouse is known for offering delicious and juicy steaks in a cowboy themed restaurant. You can also visit the Mew cafe which has earned popularity because of its tasteful decor and amazing breakfast.


Offering a number of contemporary items that you would not want to miss, Khao Yai is known for offering a wide range of options for those who love shopping. The Outlet Village is known for offering a wide range of fashion accessories from both local and international brands. If you are interested in home decor and accessories, you must visit the Palio Khao Yai. The open air mall of Primo Posto is known for giving you the best opportunity to visit some of the amazing restaurants and confectionaries. Mushroom lovers will love the Wang Nam Kheo Farm which produces mushroom in a closed environment.