On India And Corruption
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On India and Corruption

Ex-IT professional
I am not sure ,this fight against corruption is really going to be strong because in everyone is the seed of desire to be better than everyone else and have it better than everyone else . This is what makes us give bribe to an ticketing agent to get a last day ticket , for that admission into the best school for our child , for that best seat in the restaurant ..At the BEST bus-stop there will be still a percentage of people wanting to jump in out of line even though there is a long line of people waiting .Everyone desires to have it better than the other.In fact most people do not even think it is being unfair if they take undue advantage of their position , it is like force of nature and would gape at anyone who would tell them so (for eg have you ever climbed a public bus and then reserved the next 5 seats for your "FRIENDS"..How is this right ??) . So if this set of corrupt netas go ,another set will pop up .The nature of the beast is to compete and try and be the best ,all we can ensure is that the playing field is level and rules are fair ..People will stand in line at the Busstop only if there is a havaldar to catch the line jumpers or the Bus access to the door is mechanically narrowed to a single lane

Ideally with the advent of computers /Internet we should be able to make most things transparent and mechanized ..no human touch .For eg .

Do we have a list of all criminals , with finger prints , DNA in a single centralized database accessible from any police stations
Why do we not start a non-governmental fund for placing WORKING CCTV cameras at all public locations .
Why are all the Public Governmental actions and money spent not online ??

Try consciously to be honest and scrupluous in most of your dealings (this is the most difficult

Level playing field starts when the child is born irrespective of caste ,creed ,color and poverty level of parent ,can every child in India have access to good nutrition ,good health care and good education ?? I am not sure how and till when a child should be supported on this (till age 21 or till education complete ??) because after that he is lazy and does not want to work , then he deserves to lie in a ditch and beg

I am willing to donate money/time for a cause such as the above , but i have little faith in most NGOs in two ways ,(1) I believe that only 50% of such donated money is actually used for the good work (2) we need this to run with excellent managerial skills as a tight ship with minimum waste and I am not sure any NGO organization has this ..If any of you folks have a solution for this please let me know