Achche Customer Services Ke Side Effects
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Achche Customer services ke side effects

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Managing Director
See interview of Chetan  Nagaonkar
Our journey of managing different sets of customers with different expectations continues. We have been able to deliver few important milestones that were pending for ages. We have been able to resolve a few technical glitches that even the product organizations have not been able to. Past few weeks, we have made a few mistakes and learnt quite a bit. We have noted the lessons and educated our consultants how to avoid these mistakes in future by preparing well in advance. Also, we have been candid with our customers whenever there have been disconnects in terms of deliverables. Let me share at least 2 fruitful outcomes (that I jokingly call as side effects) resulted due to our committed services.

We have been working with one of our customers for about 6 months now. After ensuring our commitment for several months, we were referred to one of their internal group. We had completed implementing the system as per their expectations. However, at the last minute, we were asked to accommodate out of scope work for additional few weeks. We thought for a while; however, realized that the work that our customer had defined would also help us to provide enhanced services to other customers. We delivered the work packages as per expectations without making too much of noise. This enhanced their confidence in us. Side effect? We were highly recommended to another internal group and were awarded another module that accounted to revenue of nearly 25% of their first work package.

In another instance, we have been able to help one of our customers to get back their confidence from their customer. They have had been struggling for over 2 years or so. With the help of our technical consultants and our expertise, we have been able to deliver many important projects pending for a while. We helped them to introduce best practices within the team. We have helped them retain a few of their critical employees as well. Our consultants have played a key role in designing and guiding the team members to deliver the best. Side effect? Today, all our consultants are leading the teams technically. They have been made as point of contact for their respective teams’ deliverables. Our consultants are approached for recommendations and sought guidance for those projects.

To summarize, I strongly believe that outcomes of providing best services are always bound to be good. One should remain ethical and retain their feet firm on ground. Once customer displays the trust and confidence and you know that they cannot do much without your help, it is quite possible to get arrogant and start taking undue advantage. That is what sets you apart when your ethics don’t turn situational. It is easier said than done. How do we do it? I don’t think if it is difficult for us. All we do is remember the meeting when customer decided to trust and award us the consultancy and work packages. That reminds us the commitment that we promised and the best quality that we had agreed to deliver. Once this mutual trust goes hand in hand, the relationship blooms and believe me, it does get mutually beneficial as well. That is when you look forward for “side effects” rather than getting awry about them:-)