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Although I had published my previous blog on ‘Paralyzed Productivity’; I was not too happy about it. I admit, in a hurry of keep ...more>>
You get a genuine prospect, you ask for requirements, tend to believe that you have understood the requirements since you would like to clos ...more>>
When Shakespeare wrote about it, I am not sure if he also referred to names of organizations. At least, I felt obliged to ensure that our ...more>>
It was the first time that we were to interview candidates for providing RIM (Remote Infrastructure Management) support. Ideally, we don& ...more>>
Long term vision and its execution has become a norm for the leaders today. They invest in enriching domains, resources, succession plann ...more>>
Although familiar to most of the people worldwide, I think, people hardly give a thought to understand what this equation (E = mc2) is al ...more>>
To- A team member who once happened to be an average,   Dear Team member, You may not possibly know the happiness that I experience ...more>>
One of the most awaited Bollywood movies in 2013, 'Krrish3', got released and disappeared almost in no time. Its different fact ...more>>
Recently, I was called as a guest for an investiture ceremony at a  school. It was a good experience as I got to see the newly selected ...more>>
Its Jason Fried of 37 Signals who said "Its simple until you make it complicated". I agree. It really is, until one starts maki ...more>>
We have been around for over 30 months and I remember we being called as startup even till yesterday, although not in terms of maturity b ...more>>
The tight schedule due to business priorities had put me on a reading fast for past few weeks. Yesterday, I decided to break that fast an ...more>>
I came across this phrase recently while reading an article written by CEO of one of our customers. As usual, I tried to instantly relate ...more>>
Does a situation of “No option” ever arise? I think that this is an excuse given by the folks who either have submitted thems ...more>>
Our journey of managing different sets of customers with different expectations continues. We have been able to deliver few important milest ...more>>
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