0070 : Vital Causes Of Coruption India
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0070 : Vital Causes of Coruption India

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The main causes of corruption in India are:

1. Continuation of confused Nehruvian Socialism for the last a few decades and hypocrisy of current Liberalism when large scale leaking subsidies still continue.
2. Weak and ineffective Local governments inspite of Amendments 73 and 74 to Constitution of India
3. Fixed and purchased vote bank with manipulated Voters lists. 
4. Rusted and fargile steel frame of outdated colonial model of IAS Bureaucracy.
5. Our fundamental rules in governance, Police, Co-operative and other welfare Societies etc are still based on 1860 Act as amended but not implemented.
6. Our private schools/colleges obtain signatures for higher UGC scale salary but pay nearly 50% of the amount. Thus Corrupt teachers/Professors/ management etc are running the schools/colleges. 
7. In I.A.S officers Training Academy (LBSNAA) corruption is prevailing and brought to the notice of Cabinet Scy, Prime Minister etc.They are all closing their eyes to save their IAS colleague in LBSNAA.
8. The subsidised domestic LPG  cylinders are sold to commercial organisation/hotels etc at much higher rate in the presence of law enforcing agencies, no one stops this for their corrupt material gain. All the Deputy Commissioners of major districts know about it but are helpless. 
9. First the government recovers TDS at much higher percentage and when question of Refund comes, for years Refund is not given unless some fixed% is given to Income Tax officials. If you complain there is more harassment in future to make you run from pillar to post.  
10. Our spiritual gururs openly accept donation of Black money. Neither the donor want receipt nor Gurus are keen to give receipts.
…. there is endless list for corrupt practices. i do not know what LOKPAL/LOKAYUKT will do in such cases.
Solution is bury Nehruvian Socialism, say good bye to colonial model of IAS Bureacracy, No subsidies, compensation through welfare means and not subsidies, make local governments strong, effective and vibrant.

CEC of India should be reprimanded if manipulation of Voters lists are found etc. Deputy Commissioner incharge should be sacked for accpeting manipulation under political pressure