The Way Of Human Development And Peace
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The way of Human Development and Peace

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The way of Human Development and Peace


  Ignorance and illness –abnormal or perverted mentality is the cause of all inhuman –destructive –cruel activities. Always there is being happened innumerable brutal and criminal events –oppression –rape –torture –murder –deception etc all pervading the world.

  Except destiny, the ignorant or destitute of enough consciousness and ill mind is responsible for those unexpected occurrence.

  Government –society are assiduous to develop their nation –country, even so, actual development is not being possible, because of omission or evasion in the origin. Human development is being superficially, universally– human beings are in dark –formerly as they were. Nowhere is any genuine endeavor for awakening true knowledge and consciousness –for true soundness of body and mind.

  It is difficult to understand that is it advancement of medical science or medical trade! In our four sides– most of all are sound superficially– are superficial educated human beings. There is no way of receiving true education –true soundness.

  On our all sides–, numbers of educated persons are increasing at a very fast rate. But as a matter of fact, there is non-existence of true education in our society. We almost all are in that gloom of ignorance, where we were in the past. Only luster and sharpness of our external portion has been increased. Darkness of our inner world has not been removed in any way. This is the main cause of current critical situation.  

  Development of universal consciousness is not being happened up to expectation, for want of proper education.  

Still then, a few conscious persons in the hope of fulfillment of that deficiency –in the hope of attainment of true knowledge and true self-development, in spite of being refugee of current religion and so-called spirituality, –they come back being disappointed,  Because, also there is not available the true education –the proper man making education.  

  That is true education which helps us to be proper human being, which helps us actively to know oneself in one’s own reality, and to develop one properly.  

  Not only that, true education also helps to know the outer world with our surroundings –environment. It helps to get self-knowledge, self-realization and self-control.  

  True education makes us conscious about our human duties and also makes us endeavoring to accomplish our duties.  

  That is true education which makes us conscious about our aim of life and which helps us actively to reach that goal. Besides it, true education helps us to attain the real life –peaceful –knowledge-full –thoroughly developed life, bringing about development of our conscious mind and soundness of our body-mind, and making us free from superstition –blind-faith –ignorance.  

  However much we are educated in higher education, if we are not educated in true basic education, –then all must be like a baseless dream-mansion.

  In our society, there are various rules and regulations and inflictions of punishment or penalty for criminals –guilty, but that is not solution of the problem at all. For that basic question, there has been developed an excellent solution– that is ‘MahaDharma’ or ‘MahaManan’ education. Those leaders and directors are really desirous for true human development with peace –will be benefited receiving this human development program for their nation or country.

  Besides devilish –daring oppressors or criminals, –there is another class of seeming innocent –gentle people among us, –those are actually of very mean minded –malicious –envious –conspiring –fraudulent –madly self-seeking people. We cannot understand them from outward seeming, they work out of view like wood warms. And also there are faint-hearted –greatly frightened innocent people in our society. Mainly, all of them unitedly are our society –our nation. There, sound –competent –wise –conscious persons are not large in number. So, there it is normal to be happened various inhuman –brutal activities –often times.

  Those who are governing –protecting –developing us are also a part of our society. For that, except some extraordinary, we cannot expect very high mentality form them. If anyone wants to do anything really good, many times it becomes impossible owing to opposition from inside and/or outside. If almost all people do not understand their own good, it is impossible to do anything really good for them, especially for a government which is depending on public vote.

  To make the human development possible –and for that, to awaken the consciousness of the people, –to grow the true human development movement, we need wise and powerful human loving leaders. Still, to realize it, along with that it needs the help of government. Having recourse to ‘MahaDharma’ or ‘MahaManan’, to be advanced, we invite you to extend your helping hands to make it possible.


That which the government can do for peace & human development:

  To free the human society from guilt –disgrace, superstition, ignorance-blindness, corruption –malice –impropriety –cruelty, to bring about true human development and to set up true peace, for a government that which is to be done:

Along with formal education, need to spread the ‘MahaManan’ –self-development education countrywide. In case of employment and others, government has to arrange for special honor and priority for the developed persons who are educated in ‘MahaManan’ –self-development education. In this way –the common people will be eager to be proper educated.

Physical and mental condition of every citizen and foreigner will be included in the records and in their ID card –in a code language. Mental condition of every person, need to be recorded by a special medical device, as like ‘EEG’ machine. Derangement –morbidity –abnormality –tendency to crime etc need to be included in this record. It is renewable in every year.

The production and use (eating or drinking) of foods –drinks, drugs or liquors, which are able to cause to occur mental disorder –deformity, need to issue an order of prohibition. Besides that, government has to warn the public, if one sees any abnormality in anyone, it is his/her duty to inform the government –secretly.

Government should give up the system of medical treatments which suppressing our mental and physical illness, give us seemingly or superficially soundness. It should be endeavoring to research –invent and apply –such system of medical treatment(s) which is able to expel or uproot diseases completely. In my experience, one of the main causes of different chronic and serious diseases is suppressing skin diseases included with syphilis and gonorrhea.

Those came from outside and citizens will be determined as deranged –abnormal minded human beings, government should them bring to the normal state –by the help of true medical treatment.

  Along with that, human rights organization will observe with caution, that government or any government-employee by no way they can misuse of this system. Those who are entrusted with the charge of management –administration –rules and regulations, also this system of education and treatment will be effective as usual on them.

   If any country or government can realize this system of human development– ‘MahaManan’*, then the true human development and peace-establishment will be possible in that country. As the great part of the new generation is enough conscious, so, we shall not come to face to face with too much obstacle to embody this new system of human development.  Thank you.




“For peace, you need soundness of your inside and outside, and need to have knowledge about your inner world and outer world, too. Those who have no knowledge about their inner world and outer world, they call in disquiet –because of their ignorance.”         –MahaManas



*To know about ‘MahaManan’ and ‘MahaDharma’, please search– MahaManan, MahaDharma.  Also visit–   &


The way of true Human development


A human being by birth or desire, s/he may belong to any religion. As a human being her/his first and leading ‘Dharma’ (attribute/property) is ‘Manav Dharma’ (humanism / humanity and obligations of humanity). ‘Manav Dharma’ is the duties –karma and thinking, fit for human beings. The main among that is– to try to ‘develop the mind’, as much as possible, to proceed with the aim of growing ‘Completely developed human being’. This ‘Manav Dharma’ or humanism is ‘MahaDharm’.


‘MahaDharma’ –the way of true & universal Human Development


 ‘The call to be Human being’ is not any new saying. But in practical, any education center or any path or method is not there, before us. Now that path is shown by –MahaManas (Google search=  MahaManas, MahaManan, MahaDharma, MahaVad) through which path, it can be progressed, to that ultimate aim of human life, that great path of true and universal self-development is ‘MahaManan’ or ‘Maha AtmaVikas Path’ (the practical aspect of ‘MahaDharma’) –the excellent –incomparable system of essential education for true & universal self-development,  –the way of true & universal Human Development.


Development of humankind or a nation is possible only through the development of individuals. For that, true and universal self-development is the main program of ‘MahaDharma’


We think, customary (formal) academic (school – college etc.) education is not sufficient for true development of human beings. For that, we need such an uncustomary (non-formal) basic self-development education which can help us to be fully developed human beings.

We want to establish an excellent –incomparable system of essential education for true & universal self-development, world wide– that is ‘MahaDharma’. We are desirous to establish a self-development education center of international standard in India. If you are interested in this program, please join us and extend your helping hands.

True & universal self-development isn’t possible without universal soundness. For that, the ‘Universal Treatment’ is an important part of the universal self-development.


These programs (mentioned below) are included in this project: ‘MahaManan Kendra’ –Maha Self-development Education Center of International Standard.

1.      ‘Universal Treatment Center’ for universal self-development.

2.      TV Serial = MahaManan : Maha Self-development Education with Maha-Yoga.

3.      Audio/Video CDs Publishing on Human Development Program.

4.      Books and Periodicals on the base of our Human development program.

5.      MAHA Seminar/Mela/festival on the base of Manav Bikash (Human Development) Program.


MahaDharma’ is not religion, – ‘it is more than religion –it is Manav Dharma



“Becoming fully developed human being –is the aim of our life and it is the chief object of 'MahaDharma' –the way to better life.”           –MahaManas



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Extend your helping hands to make it possible!



The excellent incomparable system of essential education for true & universal self-development


  This extraordinary (theoretical and practical) education of human development is so beautiful that if any school or college student receive even a short course of this education, the examination result of that student will be better. Along with that improvement of behavior of that student will take place.

   By receiving full course of ‘MahaManan’ education, along with soundness of body and mind, development of one’s own self or mind comes into reality. In case of aged persons, being free from many physical and mental problems, they will be able to advance towards the path of true self-development, along with self-purification and self-realization.  

  Besides that, those who are tending to crime can come into normal state and able to turn into developed soul by through this education with a special course of ‘MahaManan’.

To grow a peace full– developed society/country, ‘MahaManan’ is the excellent –incomparable –essential education for all. 


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