Game Lounge: Transform Affiliate Marketing For The Igaming Sector
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Game Lounge: Transform Affiliate Marketing for the igaming Sector

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With rapid digitization, our lives are getting smarter and everything is accessible just at a click. While huge information is available at fingertips, people are quite choosy in what they want to see and what information they need. With the plethora of options in stock, they go to what’s best presented and what seems aligned to their needs. All these factors are increasing the need for brands to gain the population's attention on the web by enhancing the digital identity and make sure to spread awareness on best about their products.

Game Lounge: Transform Affiliate Marketing for the igaming Sector

For this, promotions and marketing have become crucial. Several startups are mushrooming in the digital marketing sector to create a unique identity for the companies, services, and exhibit existence effectively. Among the profuse of such companies, Game Lounge emerged as a pure digital marketing firm to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry, especially in the area of affiliate marketing.  

The Idea & Offerings 

 Established by Jonas Cederholm and his childhood friend Fredrik Langeland, Game Lounge’s main goal was to drive high-quality, high-value traffic to the partners. It aims to transform affiliate marketing for the iGaming sector in the Nordics and beyond. “There’s no better way to achieve that than through SEO. Our majority client base includes casino players who are looking for accurate and reliable information about the online casinos available in their market, their games offering, payment methods, or bonus conditions,” says Jonas, Founder. Game Lounge owns a portfolio of affiliate sites in Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK, and other European countries, including its flagship Swedish affiliate site, And, its service portfolio includes SEO, Casino Marketing, Loan Marketing, E-sports, Sports Betting. With Differentiation, Innovation, Quality Products of unique content, optimal SEO, Website Design, and UX for an enjoyable experience, Game Lounge is driving engagement and conversions for clients. It strives to offer the best end product possible to gain visitors' trust in the brand as a reliable source of information and entertainment, which scales customer loyalty and long term engagement with the brands. 

 The brand’s websites aim to serve as a trustworthy source of information and thus promote only licensed and regulated operators. Apart from these informative elements, it also aims to provide a lot of educational content, such as slot reviews, game guides, and strategies or videos on how to play certain games. To deliver high-quality content it invested in its own Video Department that assists the Content and Marketing teams with professional, studio-level content.

"Game Lounge’s current portfolio of websites, was initially focused on the European market and now covers more than 40 countries around the world."

 It believes that standing ahead the curve needs constant investment in new products that generate value for users. One such innovative product in its offerings is Slot Tracker which allows its users to easily record and review their slots gamingexperience over multiple sessions and multiple machines, even as they play with multiple casinos and providers. Additionally, keeping track of spending across multiple online casinos is not only useful from a money management perspective but also a Responsible Gambling point of view. Hence, they adhered to all regulatory requirements imposed by the various Gaming Authorities. “Casino Operators can always rest assured that we promote them safely and reliably,” he remarks.  

The Team

Commenting on the high-performing team Jonas asserts, “Our employees and their experience are our biggest asset. They drive high-quality, innovative products and help us stay at the forefront of the affiliation business. To be able to constantly innovate and meet the users’ expectations we need to know the industry well and understand what the visitor wants. We have a highly-experienced team that ensures we’re always on top of the game and are constantly improving our existing products.” 

 Game Lounge has a Multicultural working environment with people from all over the world contributing different ideas and expertise. It has various divisions on the operational side of the business, including content writers, graphic designers, developers, UX, SEO specialists, Digital Marketers, and a Video Production team.  

The Journey & Future

 The company grew rapidly in the last three years, expanding from a team of 25 employees to over 120 talented individuals located in three different offices across Europe. In the short span, it launched sites across various markets recently expanded into esports, personal loans, and Forex Marketing. Its current portfolio of websites, was initially focused on the European market and now covers more than 40 countries around the world. 

 Game Lounge’s main focus right now is to grow at a steady pace. It is looking to expand into more markets and more verticals by pushing heavily on sports betting this year, including esports.  The brand will also keep growing the online casino comparison portfolio of sites across more and more countries, including the USA where it has licenses to promote in 4 States and are waiting for more. “As mentioned before, Forex trading is something we’re very interested in and are committed to developing innovative products for this vertical either internally or through acquisitions,” he concludes.