What Happens If You Leave Accident Scene?
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What Happens If You Leave Accident Scene?

It is surprisingly common for people to leave the accident scene after being involved. But the reality is that leaving accident scene will have considered being a criminal offense. Whether you're at fault or not, it is your responsibility to stop at the accident scene. If someone is injured in car crash, it is your responsibility to stop and provide assistance to them.

Being involved in road traffic accident is the worst moment of your life. Everyone wants to enjoy life and remain free from a road accident. but there are sometimes when you were involved in road traffic accident. you have to stop at the accident scene and share information with the other driver. You need to call the ambulance if someone is injured in the accident.

It is also good to call the police to reach the accident scene. Police will gather the data and make a report of an accident scene. It will also take information of witnesses of the accident scene. But what if you ever run from the accident scene?

If you actually run from the accident scene then you can easily be charged for following things:

  • Failure to stop after an accident.
  • Failure to render assistance.
  • Failure to exchange names and addresses.
  • Failure to report an accident to a police station (when no other person is present).

There are actually a lot of punishments associated with hit and run cases. It is also true for cases when you are not at fault but don't stop at the accident scene.

Arrest warrant:

If you don't stop at the accident scene then the police will make an investigation of the scene. Police will ask about your car or person from witnesses of the accident and use surveillance cameras. They will also issue an arrest warrant for your arrest and locate you immediately.

There are also some charges depending on the different situation and are as follows:

  • If you involve in hit and run case and hit a fence of someone's property but no one was injured. You will be charged with a misdemeanor and fined $1000 and jailed for one year.
  • If you hit passenger or other drivers in road accident then you are fined $10000. It also involves some time period of jail and some penalties depend on the state.
  • If someone was killed or critically injured then you will have to appear in the court. You may have criminal charges brought against you.

If you ever involve in road accident then you need to stop at the accident scene. You should need to file a police report and document evidence of damages. It is better to engage personal injury solicitor with your case if you ever involved in an accident. An experienced personal injury solicitor Blackburn will provide you solid legal information and advice and guide you in the right direction.