HR - A Strategic Business Partner
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HR - A Strategic Business Partner

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CEO at Larsan Technologies
For a very long time, HR has beentreated as a service department for hiring and firing, documenting employee policiesand records and managing employee payroll. However, with the recent change in businessenvironment, more and more companies are realizing that HR should play a moreeffective role within the company in helping achieve organizational objectives.

Due to globalization of business, there has been an immense increase incompetition. The competitors are based not only in one’s own country, butanywhere across the globe. The competition directly affects the company’sprofit and the bottom line. Organizations are searching for better ways toreduce costs and increase production, while not compromising on quality, andproviding excellent customer service. Employees’ salaries and benefits accountfor a major part of any company’s expense. And who is better equipped to manageemployee cost and quality than HR? HR can ensure that you have the right personat the right place at the right time.

More and more CEO’s are looking towards HR tohelp them achieve organizational objectives. The HR plan of the organization isbeing directly linked with the strategic organizational objectives. Thisresults in an alignment of business plans with HR plan, both in short-term andlong-term perspective. You thus make HR a strategic partner in ensuring successfor the organization.

This strategic partnership impacts HR services such asthe design of work positions, recruitment and hiring, reward, recognition and compensationmanagement, performance appraisal and management  system, career and succession planning, and employeedevelopment. When HR professionals are aligned with the business, the personnelcomponent of the organization is thought about as a strategic contributor tobusiness success.