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Negative employees can be found in all organizations – whether small or big. The negative employee is one who creates problems for h ...more>>
I found the below article interesting and am hence sharing it with everyone. Having dedicated the better part of the pa ...more>>
For a very long time, HR has beentreated as a service department for hiring and firing, documenting employee policiesand records and mana ...more>>
If things progress as they are, India is certain to face a 'talent gap'- the lack of right skills for the job required - of more than 5 mill ...more>>
The two greatest concerns of employers today are finding good workers and training them. The difference between the skills needed on the job ...more>>
I am a frequent visitor to the Old Age Home at Hyderabad run by a Christian missionary. The center is home to around 135 old people.  & ...more>>
The management role and style has undergone frequent changes with time. Accordingly, the challenges being faced by the management also chang ...more>>
7 Talent Management Practices To Survive A Downturn (Guest Post by Sean Conrad) To weather an economic downturn, companies need to focus o ...more>>
A friend of mine sent me an article which I liked. I am reproducing the same for the benefit of others. Have you been to the bank? Imagi ...more>>
Why does an employee leave the organization? This is a million dollar question which has haunted the CEO’s and the HR managers of organiza ...more>>
A friend of mine forwarded this story to me. I liked it and am reproducing the same. I am sure you will also like it. This definitely cal ...more>>
On 22nd July 2009, India woke up to witness a rare celestial phenomenon not to be surpassed in the 21st century– the total solar eclipse. ...more>>
All of us celebrate our birthday. Birthday is a very special day in the life of an individual. We party with our friends and relatives. But ...more>>
When my daughter was a small kid, I remember showing her a glass filled with water and asking her to describe it. She thought for a second a ...more>>