Tourist Spot In North Karanataka - Utsav Rock Garden
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Tourist Spot in North Karanataka - Utsav Rock Garden

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The Saga of Utsav Rock Garden

This is a garden with more than 1000 sculptures which seems to be real. It is not only a leisure park but a hub of art, culture and education.  It is named as Utsav Rock Garden. “Utsav” means festival of joy and happiness, your eyes will enjoy each and every minute seeing all the beautifully carved sculptures. This is a platform where people of all ages can have fun.

These are the some main highlights of the garden. There is lot more to see still. Here there is no full stop to the art, it will always have comma in this garden, says its main designer and architect Prof T.B. Solabakkanavar.  He is a person with big motto and aims who have made this park a world standard. It has also got 8 prestigious awards.

History: In the earlier stage the whole place was an open ground. Solabakkanavar and his team always thought the about it. He had the inner feeling to do something to his village. Once a dead cow was seen in the area. The artists thought to design a cow like this. They made it so beautifully that a real cow dashed it as if its enemy. When an animal is attracted and though that cow as the real one, what will be the people’s reaction. Then they started designing various types of sculptures.

They thought about designing a village, which is unknown our siblings. A village, its ambience, professions (cobbler, weaver, shopkeeper, tailor, potter, goldsmith, blacksmith, school teacher etc), their daily life, their costumes and the list goes on. All the ideas turned into reality and they have come so very well that at the first sight you feel them as real ones.

Prof T.B. Salabakkanavar has taught this art to innumerable students who are now working in different parts of the country.  Still countless students are learning this art. This is a unique art which will make you feel them as if the animals or humans are present in front of you and busy doing something. Bringing the expressions out through cement and paint is not an easy task. This artists’ team has proved it. Kudos to Prof T.B. Solabakkanavar for giving such a rare and a unique rock garden to North Karnataka. We feel proud to say that it is in North Karnataka.

There is no rock garden like this in the whole world. This is a unique one with international standards. No artist in the worlds has designed these (hand-made, not moulded) countless sculptures through cement and paint. The most fascinating point is the whole outdoor garden will never expose you to the sun light, you will move in garden’s shade across the park without any

 Now you can see many varieties of modern and contemporary art in the garden. It is not only a garden, but a hub of museum, garden, sculptures and mirror of rural life style.