Encroched Enraged India
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Encroched Enraged India

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On this day 27th Nov 2008 when I am jotting these words I am enraged and at the same time incapable to do anything but moan on the incapicity of ours to fight the terrorism. I, an ardent admirer of Gandhi, am now following his three quotes "Bura mat dekho, Bura mat suno, Bura mat bolo"(See,Hear,Speak, no evil) and I have even stopped thinking about anything, because this taxs me a lot. The seething anger and unchecked tears of mine are finding no vent. There is a strong fire that is ignited in my mind. What were we waiting for when we have continually been under attack from past one year, even the terrorists got bored cause they never got any attention from our "DEAF AND BLIND" democratic government; they were so desparate to be heard, to gain more than the just the front-page news or a day long TV coverage, so this time they striked so hard that the water came down not down eyes but pants, yes it made our political system pee in their pants. I think our politicians will now be finally out of their vote and note bed and will be looking for a refuge.... ohhh please don't go out in the public or else you will be axed.
I was wondering where Raj Thackrey and his Navnirman Sena went missing when his mumbai is been attacked by terrorists, why didn't they went after the terrorists and drove them away in the same fashion they drove the north indian's. He was concerned about Marathi manoos jobs but what about his motherland's life. Mr Raj Thackrey, your Mumbai is bleeding and is under attack, where are you... I think you must be busy cutting a cake with Terrorist incripted on it and celebrating, Aren't you???
Today ohhh Almighty and on all days like this I look up to you and just want to ask something that I could never undestand, please answer me WHY??