Coronavirus Can Be Defeated!
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Coronavirus can be defeated!

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The activists of the «Stop COVID!» social movement have started a large-scale collection of signatures for a petition on the platform

To date, tens of thousands of people have already expressed support for the documents.

The event is timed to the World health day. And it immediately received massive support from humanitarian organizations.

In particular, such actions were approved by the world’s «Red cross» activists.

The main demand of the organizers is addressed to the Government represented by the Minister of health of the country, the President.

They are urged not to risk the health of their fellow citizens when vaccinating the population with the drugs produced with the use of an unknown and dubious technology based on the chimpanzee adenovirus.

Coronavirus can be defeated!

So, in their appeal, in particular, they remind that the world eventually received HIV and the Ebola epidemic from chimpanzees. Therefore, the first step to defeating the coronavirus is to suspend speculation related to the concealment of information about the basis on which the vaccine was produced», - the petition says.

Now again, it is proposed to vaccinate people with the drugs produced on the basis of the chimpanzee virus-says the petition author

You can find the link of the petition here

We should add that similar petitions appeared in many countries immediately after the death and health complications of volunteers during trials conducted by the «AstraZeneca» pharmaceutical company.

Back then, the relatives of the victims came for an immediate suspension of testing on people.