Will The Indian Volunteers Face The Sad Fate Of Their American Colleagues?
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Will the Indian volunteers face the sad fate of their American colleagues?

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-Among the volunteers of our country who's ready to test the vaccines of different pharmaceutical international Institutes at W.H.O..

They, in particular, refer to the data of their colleagues from the «Food and drug administration (FDA) USA». The official website of the organization reports about six deaths during the tests of the vaccine. However, medical establishments reveal another number-they are talking about 8 deaths.

In particular, it is reported that during studies of the vaccine, one participant with atherosclerosis and obesity died three days after getting the first dose of the drug, and another participant suffered a cardiac failure 60 days after the second dose was injected, and three days later he passed away.

Earlier, deaths among volunteers were recorded during tests of a vaccine synthesized on the basis of the chimpanzee adenovirus.

Will the Indian volunteers face the sad fate of their American colleagues?

Now the heads of pharmaceutical companies are actively working to prove that there is no connection between the deaths of volunteers and the doses of a drug based on the chimpanzee adenovirus administered to them.

However, doctors say we have to state the fact that people with chronic diseases should refrain from vaccination with a drug based on the chimpanzee adenovirus. Because, as practice shows, it brings more harm to health than benefit.