Integrity Is Most Tough Thing To Follow
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Integrity is most Tough thing to Follow

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Many of us would claim to be of high personal Integrity but beleive me only handful of us would possess true Integrity.

It is one of the most difficult ask to possess Integrity. Most would fail the test as we fall for many small things in life.

The Socio-Culture of our society has been corrupted with a mad race to achieve materialistic success. We have strongly imprinted in our and our Children's psyche that owning materialistic items is the only symbol of success which un-fortunately is highly in-correct. Very few of us feels bliss and calm happiness which is the true measure of success. Being in the state of calm happiness is success whether you own a car and bunglow or not? This can only happen when you enjoy what you do and share your happiness with rest of the world. The Internal glow and peace on your face is testimonial to that.

Let's teach our children a lesson to be happy and not only rich.