Why Swacchata Abiyaan Is Not Effective ??
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Why Swacchata Abiyaan is not effective ??

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The Swacchata Abhiyaan initiated by the prime minister is being lauded every where. No doubt, such an inistiative should be lauded and encouraged, but how many have wondered... what happens at the end of  the various Swacchata Abhiyaans?

The celebrities come, the organisers come, the participants come.. all people at one place..the cleaning begins, the photographers and media go out of the way clicking and shooting. The media anchors go blah blah blah over the screens praising the organisers and the celebrities.

At the end of the Swacchata Abhiyaan a whole lot of solid waste, garbage is collected and a huge dump gets collected.  How many abhiyaans at the end of the whole cleaning process  scientifically dispose off the garbage?

At many place it is seen that the garbage pile is lit up.....burned....releasing  hundres of poisonous gases in to the air.  Dioxin being the one deadly gas plus 220 plus gases which emanate from the plastics that are burnt. Though the huge heap of garbage is reduced to just a small pile of ashes.... huge amount of toxins are added to the already polluted air. The air which we breath... Swacchata Abhiyaan should begin with the end in the mind.   What will we do with the garbage collected.  Do ponder on this point.....