Problem – Its Root Cause And Solution
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Problem – its root cause and Solution

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Problem – its root cause and Solution


Oppression – rape – outrage, murder, conspiracy – corruption –deception, – inhuman destructive violent madness –those which are being taken place in our all sides, at the root of those, there are– scantiness of consciousness, blindness owing to ignorance and severe aberration of the mind –mental sickness.


  And also, that which movement –mass awakening we are perceiving now, as a counter of those brutality, that is the effect of mass consciousness to a small extent. But many of them are unable to realize the root cause of it. To remedy, they have limited their movement within rule –administration and punishment only. As a result of that, the problem is in the dark where it was. In this way true solution is not coming into reality.


  If we observe it will be seen, in counter of that –as much as the movement is increasing, –as much as law and administration is being strict, so much corruption – perversion –depravity –terrorism is increasing gradually. For that, it is not a solution to bring about the change superficially, human being –human mind, sickness that which is the base of all, we have to bring about the auspicious change of it.


  The development of a country and humankind will not come from the sky, by which a country and a nation is built –that is human being, we have to make the change from the inside of human being, then the true development of human being will come into reality.


  Only it is possible through the way of true self-development education– ‘MahaManan’ –study and practicing regularly. ‘MahaDharma’ and its practical aspect– ‘MahaManan’ is the way of true human development, –the way of to be fully developed human being.


  Please join yourself and your circle with this great program of the modern times. To be free from this critical situation, wise and conscious human beings have to be advanced being organized for their self-development –for their own interests.


  To make it successful please extend your helping hands. 


Change yourself, the world will change!