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Dhirubai Ambani, is believed to be the architect of equity cult in India. He started  his life as a pumpstation attendant in Aden and sold clothes inthe streets of Mumbai ina bi cycle. His two sons now govern one of the richest industrial empires in any part of the world and both of them unlike Dhirubai are foreign educated with coveted MBAs. Mukesh owns the larger part of the empire with petro chemicals and downstream projects while Anilbhai dabbles in everything conceivable under the Son - a part politician as well with his Rajya Sabha membership of Samajwdi party.

Mukesh Bhai is in the eye of the storm for his declining oil output in KG6 and his fight for an increase in price of gas - manifold despite stiff opposition from everywhere. Anilbhai was more play ful when he formed numerous companies to bid for 2G licences. Anilbhais executives were arrainged as accused while he and his wife were let off. CBI's public prosecutor Lalith wanted Anilbhai to depose as prosecution witness. Well, anywhere int he world has any one heard an accused being provided a platform to support prosecution of his own men?SPP believed that Anil and his wife will stand up in the witness box and share every minute details of the loot that his firm intended to carry. Tina Munim, nay Ambani was a little more co operative as she admitted if the minutes carry her signature she should have attended those meetings while Anilbhai said he did not remember anything connected to 2G and his front company. Lying under oath is called perjury in legal parlance and precisely for this reason former US President Clinton was almost impeached. Anilbhai enjoys a large clout with the ruling class and political parties across the spectrum that he dares to lie under oath as a prosecution witness. Even leftist parties and our famous critic of RIL, Mr.Gurumurthi are silent on the audacity of Anilbhai. God save us.