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See interview of Venkateswaran  Chittoor Venkatsubramanian
Former Army Chief who was embroiled in a controversy prior to his retirement - regarding proof of his date of birth which however did not find takers in his ministry and even the SC refused to entertain his pleas for an extended tenure of service based on his School leaving certificate. Then the General was seen at Jantar Mantar with Anna Hazare Andolan . He then claimed that some Lt.General attempted to bribe him in the order for Tatra trucks which he felt did not quite meet the standards of his army.

Gen.V.K.Singh did everything his his capacity to stall the chances of his successor Gen.Bikram Singh but did not quite succeed. Now the General shared a platform with PM hopeful Narendra Modi with some fellow retired army personnel and ex servicemen. Indian Express published a bombshell of a news that the General attempted to overthrow J&K Government using secret funds provided by the ministry for a pet project of his own. All hell broke loose with the General himself admitting that indeed he paid J& K Ministers but not to topple Omar but to organise community cricket matches. Jehadists in the valley led by Hurriyat claimed that they stood vindicated that they have all along been claiming that army was ruling J&K proxy. The patriotic general fell in to the hands of extremist elements in the valley in an attempt to cover up his deals.

News channels are speculating as to what could be the Defence Ministry's next move- to discredit the general. Arun Jaitely faulted the Government for leaking secrets to media in an attempt to browbeat the General while RSS and other Sangh Parivar elements have come to the rescue of the General.

The infiltration of right wing elements in to our armed services was evident in the way Col Purohit organised counter attacks on Muslims. The General needs to be taught to behave else a court martial could be ordered

National honor is too important than petty egoes of Generals.

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