This Article Is Dedicated To All The ARTISTS
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This article is dedicated to all the ARTISTS

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Founder CrossWorksDGTL
Hi Artist, I am the founder and CEO of CrossWorksDGTL.
The following article is completely based on my observation from the past few years.
To start with, I am in search for few web designers, who is good in drawing and is very creative. To my bad luck I am not finding any.

Here is the kind of profiles I find when I interview the candidates.
1. Good in drawing but not adept in software.
2. Skilled in software but pathetic in art.
3. Strong in graphic designing (Print solutions) but not good in web technologies.

When I interview, if they are not good artists, I obviously put forward this question “Why did you select web designing as your career?” This is the answer I get the most.
“My friends are into designing so I also thought to get into it.”
“There are lots of jobs available. “
“No need of good marks or decent education”
Trust me guys, all of  the above are nothing but MYTHS.

I am sure most of the interviewers would have come across similar issues.

What I am trying to say here is, Web designing is for the artists; leave it to them. Don’t think I am being rude here. If you are not an artist, it is tough to survive in the industry; you can’t produce dynamism in your work. Eventually you will get fired from the company. By saying this I am not completely writing off the chances for the non-artists, it takes immense amount of effort for a non-artist to catch up with the standards of an artist.

I tried doing a resume search in -
Keyword: Webdesigner.
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts.
The result was pathetic. I think there are some serious issues to be addressed, web being an industry which is most happening now and the job opportunity for the web designers & user interface designers are humongous I can see only a very less number of artists opting for a career in web designing.  Guys please understand: the industry needs you!!!

To add on to it - lot of students are selecting animation and graphic designing as there career. If you are one among that you should know this - Indian animation industry has very less jobs available, please don’t go by the predictions made by some Tom, Dick and Harry stating “Indian animation industry require 5 lakh animators by end of 2012” Trust me guys I have heard this story 5 years back saying  “Indian animation industry require 5lakh animations by end of 2007 / 08” The fact is there are a good number of talented animators still sitting without any job. Its 2011 now where are those 5 lakh jobs?  Can anyone show me a good web designer sitting without a job? I will hire him today.

To talk about the graphic designing(Print media). Just check out this page.

Few more issues - Why we are not able to find good web designers?
One bunch of students from arts school go to institutions like Ants’, Animasters’, Arenas - they are good in terms of art, animation or graphic designing. They lack in the state-of-the-art technologies used in the web industry. So the students wont be able to learn things which are demanded in the industry.
Another bunch of students go to NIITs and Aptechs - here issue is the other way around - the instructors understand technology but they don’t understand art and it makes difficult for them to deliver.
By saying this am not completely telling that you wont get quality from the above places. You will get it if you are lucky. Depends completely on the instructor you get there.

Having said the above things I am here to give some solutions as well- I invite you guys to my firm. Yes, we are giving training on web designing ONLY FOR ARTISTS, you can visit our office in Koramangala or you can drop an email with your contact details to or call us at +91 99169 60170

The process goes like this
1. A drawing test - Pencil drawing, sketching, painting, digital drawing, anything which you are strong in.
2. If you posses an “above average” skill in drawing we will train you on web-designing.
3. Of course there will be a nominal fee
4. Instructor will be none other than me - Click here to know more about me
4. 3 months training
5. 3 months live project
6. You will be industry ready, possessing a great quality of skill set.

Please do share this article with your friends, it may help him/her as well.