Let Recruitment Consultants Meet Your Manpower Needs
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Let recruitment consultants meet your manpower needs

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Gone are the days when companies used to go through the cumbersome process of advertising the job opening and then waiting for job applicants to come for the interview. The modern workplace has raised the demand for recruitment agencies that can help employers in finding the most suitable candidate for the vacant position. Many businesses simply don't have the time or knowledge required to hire the best staff, especially if they're recruiting in a new location or for a newly created role.

Recruitment consultancies provide you the opportunity to handover complete recruitment responsibility to experts who, in return for a fee, will aim to bring you applicants matching your exact requirements. They tend to operate on a ‘no win no fee' basis i.e. if they don't supply a suitable candidate, you don't have to pay.

These consultancies offer timely and valid corporate recruitment solution for better growth and prosperity of the organisation. They are always equipped with the latest industrial practice and current corporate ethics in most suitable, advantageous and cost-effective manner. There are two types of employment agencies. One that helps in hiring for temporary positions, the other that assists companies in getting a permanent position filled.

How recruitment agencies provide assistance to corporates?

  • Large database of applicants: As job consultants have access to a large database of job applicants, companies don’t need to go through the cumbersome process of screening hundreds of resumes of candidates who have applied through the published job advertisement. Recruitment agencies recommend appropriate job candidates who would be most suitable for your company
  • Applicants’ shortlisting: A shortlist of applicants is drawn up and each one is personally interviewed, taking into account the particular job requirements
  • Fee guarantee: A full fee refund or staff replacement guarantee is normally offered
  • References: In-depth background-checking of all applicants is undertaken

What are the important considerations while selecting any job agency?

One needs to consider the following questions before selecting any recruitment agency:

  • What are the authorisations/qualifications of the consultant?
  • Has the agency employed for related profiles before?
  • How much contacts the agency will provide?
  • Can they supply testimonials from former clients?
  • Do they comply with employment industry standards?
  • What reference checks will the agency perform on candidates?
  • How do they charge compared with the industry average?

What information companies should provide the agency with?

  • Make sure to provide your consultant with the exact details of what you're expecting in the perfect candidate
  • Make sure to let them know which standards are compulsory, which are highly preferred and which are optional
  • Always provide opinion on the candidates your consultancy supplies. If they are not good enough, tell them as early in the process as possible with specific reasons
  • Discuss with the agency, if you have plans to increase your workforce in the future. The more roles you are able to offer them, more you will save when it comes to paying commission

Do these agencies provide online assistance?

Many recruitment consultants also offer online placement services so that a recruiter can advertise about a particular job opening and in turn tap the right candidate from the resumes already posted on the agency sites.