Are You Adding SEO Friendly Videos To Your Website?
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Are you adding SEO friendly videos to your website?

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We are living in the virtual age, where one is omnipresent. There are numerous ways to exchange, share or promote information with the aid of technological advances. Hiring an SEO company can be a good idea to promote you on the internet.

The video continues to grow in popularity as an effective way to share information online. When it comes to promoting and selling products or services a video explicit out details in addition to imbuing them with a cinematic dimension. Video presentation successfully grabs the attention of the users as it involves the simultaneous use of audio and visual media. Website designers recommend SEO friendly videos these days.


Adding SEO friendly videos to your website:

1.    Upload ethical and relevant videos: The content of your video should be relevant to your product, idea or service. It should comply with industry norms and ethics. You can upload your video in a way to give a demo of your product or service. This technique is applied by many advertisers to promote their product. Your video can also be a sort of interview or a speech to introduce a service or to provide information about any product.

2.    The video must be for the target audience: Before starting with any promotional activity, you must know who you have to target. For example, a stationery product is for the students, so the video must include the script, characters, audio, effects pertaining to hit the students' mind.

3.    The content of the video: Content is always the deciding factor for promoting anything. The script should focus on the keywords. Choose any keyword phrase to target per video, and then put your keyword phrase in your video Title, Description, and file name (i.e., keyword- Google reads words to analyze the content, so using exact search query phrases to describe your content to go a long way in helping to get it ranked on page one. Keep your captions short and catchy which are more commonly in trend. For this, you need an audience research so as to understand what words are trendy among users. Use keywords rich headings and titles

4.    Transcript your videos: Transcribing your video provides viewers the option to "read and comprehend" a video if they can't listen to the time while providing the keyword richness a search engine needs. For example, you can use a transcript as the base for a blog post that links back to your video resource site.

5.    Allow for “Embed” in your video: Whenever people come across any video relevant to their liking, they want to incorporate it into their site. It is time-consuming and user-friendly technique in demand. So allow an “embed” option in your video to increase inbound links to your website

6.    Creating a site map for your video:  A site map is a list of all the URLs on the site, which tells search engines the information of what is contained in the web site. You can create a video sitemap using any number of video Sitemap generators and Google Webmaster Tools. For example, Microsoft Bing’s free server-side Bing XML Sitemap Plugin.