Vision: Developed INDIA By 2020?
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Vision: Developed INDIA by 2020?

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Dreams to materialize will remain, unless all our sufficient Universities, Colleges/ Institutes, Specialized Associations including Organizations of Scientists having highest of qualifications, authority, absolute recognition, primarily having the same imbibed spirit in purpose to achieve scheduled goals, positively, consistency and confidently committed, empowered, reinforced and very well knitted into one whole; united, absolute focused to scientifically put into action with uncompromised implementation of the whole with full force possible; is but the only way to success.


First and foremost action in that direction is to stop the ‘Brain Drain” that we constantly and unfailingly witness, day in out, that are in full swing, having no power to hold them, to distract, diffuse and destroy our programs for our own nation and for our own positive goals. 


Second most important factor is to get back the “Matured Brains” who have either been disillusioned, disappeared, due to faulty rosy pictures produced to them, to attract well at their onset of buddy, raw ages and serving through ages with exploitive agencies to us Indians in the bargain, sooner or later; causing setback in our positive projections that we desire to achieve. 


Thirdly compulsory absorption in government service of, in fact every literate: graduate, post graduate, scientists etc., together with all skilled and semi-skilled labor forces, manpower and equipments necessary are simultaneously bounded to serve for at least five years associated with the government, compulsorily to achieve the targets deputed; as a prerequisite to set those goals is the need of the hour, towards that direction.


Fourthly the Government must equip within itself, from where it has been uprooted to deliver every form of service from under its very own design, manufacture and provide at a reasonable or affordable value, keeping into perspective to serve the income levels of their own Indians; through its own recognized reputed in-house agencies serving within its very shade and shadow, rather than leaving us Indians, at the mercy of the Private sector or disguised Capitalists, non benefactors, whose only aim and ambitions remaining, to exploit the masses from every quarter is but asking for unimaginable increase in corruption, outsourcing, exploiting India through alien ways, false attracting and depriving every talent of our nation to scientists; so as to satisfy and implement goals of others but India; especially with our national powers swaying and instability increasing, with scams increasing; control or monitoring powers shedding, accountability non existent.


To achieve targeted well programmed project plans, statistically tabulated with detailed break down analysis of every factor into consideration including manpower, with our very own finance flow (not borrowed, lent etc.), day to day efficiently monitoring with highest available and needed experts at every level of functioning during implementation is the essence, maintaining the continuity or pace even after the governments seem to change; which remain the heart and crucial most factor of the whole.