Fiat Plans To Purchase Chrysler Absolutely
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Fiat plans to purchase Chrysler absolutely

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Posted on April 9, 2012 by admin According to the news reported

European “automobile news” from Turin of Italy, CEO of Fiat recently

confirmed again, and Fiat intends to buy Chrysler stock 100%. He claims

that fiat has actually been ready to buy Chrysler remaining shares diagnostic scanner

Fiat currently owns 58.5% of the shares of Chrysler, and the remaining

41.5% hold  by nationwide auto workers union voluntary employee benefit

association subordinates (VEBA). VEBA is the trust organization for

auto workers. MaErQiao said Fiat would like to buy the stock of the

VEBA, while there are two solutions.automotive scan tools

One program is that Fait will purchase Chrysler share separately from

this July to June of 2016. the amount of increasing holdings in every

half a year can not be more than 3.32%, up to buy 16.6% of Chrysler.

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Another program is to make back agreement to recapture equity, and Fiat

can spend $4.25 billion to buy 41.5% of the shares holded by volunteer

staff beneficiary beneficiary association, including from 1 January

2010 cumulative 9% since the compound interest. This amount is less

than any sum of the VEBA before.

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