Japan Has Developed Electromobile With Cold Resistance
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Japan has developed electromobile with cold resistance

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According to the news reported on 27 April by Kyodo News that Hirosaki University in Japan has developed electromobile with cold resistance recently, and the test drive of this electromobile has been held in Sendai on 27 of April. This vehicle can be applied in the north area as usually where the tempreture in winter is below 0℃. The users don’t need to worry about attenuation of electric quantity. obd2 scanners

It is always a weakness of electromobile that electric quantity will decrease under Cold Temperatures. While the electromobile with cold resistance can solve this problem through installing stanby gas engine. The odometer of electromobile under 0℃ is only about half of which under 25℃. This electromobile installed with a small gas engine to supply heating and charge battery, therefore, the number of on-board batteries shrank by 10%. In addition, this MATIC  is equipped with a electromotor on inside wheel to insure the security when driving in snow accumulation. The researchers hopes that this electromobile can be put into practical operation after 5 years. obd 2 scanner

The professor of Hirosaki University and golden core member of this research group, TianZongSheng expressed that this electromobile with cold resistance is expected to be promoted to the world, and the Automobile industry will be introduced into northeast and Hokkaido to promote the reconstruction of Japan after the Earthquake.

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