IPhone Taptic VS Apple Watch
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editricon iPhone Taptic VS Apple Watch

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According to foreign media reports, the most exciting innovation launched by Watch Taptic is the Apple engine, effectively reproducing a variety of tactile effects. Taptic engine is a new technology for the user experience.

Apple's Taptic engine is essentially a haptic user interface technology designed to bridge the digital and physical operation of the gap. Vibration motor is also the image of a custom linear drive, Watch Apple can reproduce the familiar physical or unique tactile experience.

In the Watch Apple, apple uses the Taptics engine to alert the system to inform and provide the sensory experience that is often not present in digital devices. Apple's grasp of tactile feedback technology, impressive. The Taptics engine feels this as an organism that allows the tactile feedback system to be traced to the tactile feedback decades ago..

By providing the feedback function of the environment, the apple can replicate the feedback of touching, beating and shaking. The performance of digital crown is the most obvious.

Apple first introduced the user interface on the elastic boundary in iPhone, that is, when the page reaches the boundary after the rolling screen will have an elastic feedback. The visual performance of the Watch Apple is not obvious. But the Taptic engine feedback reinforces this elastic feedback that when it comes to the boundary, Watch Apple will use the Taptic engine to generate a feeling of being touched by a rubber band.

The "translation" technology of the tactile feedback can bring the user experience of the iOS device. Imagine if the iPhone or iPad capable of reproducing similar haptic feedback, users will be able to better use touch to distinguish software given feedback, which will become a unique user experience of apple. Of course, these two devices rely on the user's fingertips rather than the wrist, and the intensity of the shock is higher. Perhaps apple can embed two or more than two Taptic engines, together with a deeper, more realistic tactile feedback.

Game manufacturers in the end of the 90's has been looking for a more immersive experience in the game, stress feedback is a. But now the apple Taptic engine, game makers can in the iPhone and iPad launch extraordinary user experience, a more structured game presents the tactile effect.

There are rumors that the Taptic engine is about to be applied to the next generation of 6S iPhone phone, it is unclear how Apple exactly how to integrate the hardware. One way is that the company can simply expand the Watch Taptic Apple engine, just find the right install position.