Samsung Road To Smart Home
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Samsung Road To Smart Home

After washing machine intelligence, intelligent vacuum cleaner, Samsung yesterday in the China market launched smart door lock, intelligent central air conditioning, intelligent home strategy acceleration landing.

Samsung's vice president of Greater China home appliances marketing Xie Hui in the acceptance of "First Financial Daily" reporter the interview said that, in addition to promote its hardware equipment networking, Samsung is still open platform worldwide this year, come up with $100 million to support developers. Compared to hardware, software breakthroughs are more important.

Not long ago, Apple has just announced that the first access device of its smart home platform Homekit will be unveiled in June. Haier and other Chinese companies will have the corresponding product release together.

In early 5, Samsung to part of the country to open its Tizen operating system (Tai Ze) application platform. Obviously, by the wave of intelligent Home Furnishing, Samsung to build third open platform Android in the apple IOS, Google outside.

"Military intelligence equipment"

In January of this year, in 2015CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Samsung Electronics, President and CEO of Yin Fugen to "infinite possibilities" as the theme, first released Samsung's smart home strategy: Samsung plans within the next five years will be all devices are connected into the Internet of things.

Samsung smart products are constantly expansion "". Yesterday, Samsung released in Guangzhou, the central air-conditioning intelligent can use the phone, pad to control, even the curtains, hot water, heating can also be used with a remote control to achieve control of the; intelligent door locks, fingerprint authentication, can also double fingerprint and password authentication, when they go out can also be monitoring to prevent the invasion of alien.If you want to buy cool iphone 6 Plus cases,please go to


Now the smart home is very hot, is a feast, our strategy is very clear, advance from four aspects." Xie Hui said.

Hardware, smart home technology requirements, sensor, communication protocol, Samsung on the sensor have technical reserves, compact, accurate and sensitive sensors have been developed.

Ecological, Samsung last year been sold globally 6.65 million devices, the device itself is great circle of ecological, Samsung also plans in the next five years to all the equipment Unicom.

In addition, Samsung do open platform, connect the whole industry. "Our developer community around the world this year, $100000000, to support the developer (new application)." Xie Hui said.

Fourth magic weapon is cross-border cooperation. "Our CEO said very clearly, no company which can provide a complete scheme of things, so be sure to cross-border, Samsung with automobiles, luxury goods companies also cross-border cooperation."

And the innovation of the channel is the match. Samsung this year in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to set up a "open Home Furnishing" (OpenHouse) store. Xie Hui said, the biggest feature is that each store experience has a large screen, in a proportion, display products, through a combination of online and offline (o2o) to extend the usage scenarios, the future will be Samsung introduced a package of smart home.

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