Mobile Power Is Also Divided Into Different Grade
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mobile power is also divided into different grade

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According to the News reported, many consumers use poor quality mobile power bank while charging the phone accidents, domestic electronics manufacturing companies began to flock into the mobile power industry, cause market chaos chaos frequent occurrence, product quality problems continue.

The YORK Laboratory accept the Xinhua interview, expose the unspoken rules of the mobile power industry. Due to the lack of industry standards, different vendors materials used in batteries, circuit boards, there is a big gap. Batteries, for example, a common polymer batteries, and 18650 two kinds. Polymer batteries safety performance, stability properties are superior to 18650, so the price is higher.

18650 adopted by the majority of mobile power is also divided into different grades, high-grade and low-grade batteries, the price difference several times. What is more, some unscrupulous businessmen even after the recovery of abandoned laptop power batteries used in portable power bank above.

Power less than normal, fast loss because the use of low-quality batteries. Normal mobile power capacity of more than 60% of the electricity consumption of the mark, and the actual power of the inferior products may be only 40% or less. In addition, the low-quality batteries in terms of performance, such as the discharge stability and the actual life of obvious gap.

Note that 18650 there are certain problems in terms of safety performance in extreme environments such as high temperature explosion. Relatively high probability of poor quality 18650 spontaneous combustion or explosion, especially large-capacity power source, using a plurality of 18650 parallel, in the event of an explosion, the consequences are very serious.

In addition,power bank manufacturer the circuit board as the control voltage, the current member is also very important.