Brain Or Brawn
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Brain or Brawn

Jock or nerd. Beefcake or geek. Everyone hates labels, yet everyone uses them everyday! Why do we do this? Does it make people feel like they belong? Does it give people an excuse to act a certain way, and not try to act another way?Adobe 9A0-150 practice test I mean come on, jocks can't be smart, right? Nerds can't be fit, can they?
I know that, growing up, I generally fell a bit more into the brain category than brawn, even though I made an effort to maintain some type of balance of brain and brawn in order to fit in with everyone. Crazy mindset, right? Why not just look inward and be the truest to myself that I could? Well that's all well and good, but try telling that to your average high schooler!
So I went about finding other things to enjoy, like singing and Russian, to stay somewhat diversified, all the while never once thinking of working out, since I wasn't a jock...why bother? I knew nothing of the serious need to workout to be healthy, only that I couldn't really compete so I would just stick to what I excelled at.
I took a few computer classes, and then majored in computer science in college. Gee, THAT helped break the stereotype, right? I DID start to swim laps with a friend in college, but nothing serious or even using proper form, mainly because I simply liked the water and hanging out with no real "fitness" element there. I got regular exercise one summer in Florida when I was a valet for a resort hotel, but the goal wasn't fitness, it was simply to enjoy my job, and even then when I was at my lowest weight, I wasn't really toned enough to be comfortable in public in just swim trunks. All the while, I continued focusing on computer science....never even dating! Total brain.
No, it wasn't until my mom passed and I gained a good bit of weight that I took a harsh look in the mirror and realized I had to do something about it. I joined a gym, lost 45lbs by sharpening my focus, hit a wall, started using P90X and Shakeology, got more toned and healthyAdobe 9A0-150 practice test, lost my father, etc....until today.
Ironically, even today, even after focusing on overall healthy eating and working out, since I do web development, I'm still seen as the techy guy, and that's even with being a creative photographer and a health & fitness coach. It doesn't bother me, since these days it's always said with love, and it's always nice being valued for something, but it's just fascinating that the labels persist, isn't it?
The only reason I bring it up is that, for the most part, nerds, geeks, etc...are, even into adulthood, just assumed to not be focused on fitness by any means. Picture the huge fat I.T. guy, right? It's something that DOES need to change, because these nerds and geeks represent a HUGE portion of our population, there is simply NO reason why they can't also become the FITTEST people in the country! Think of it...the women in the office drooling over the I.T. guy...the nerds being totally alpha! It occurs now, I'm sure, but it's certainly not the norm, which is why the stereotype lingers.
So what do we do about it? Is there a simple solution, or is it going to take just steady work person by person? Is it a simple matter of getting them all in shapeM30-300, or do we also need to adjust the stereotypes in our own minds first? No easy answers, but certainly many possibilities. What will YOU do to change the status quo?