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Miscellaneous blogs

        When one has much to say, the comments reduce in comparison to when you sa ...more>>
Who in this world of today is not stressed? Yet stress is not something that can be wished away or washe ...more>>
      In times of trial. In times of extremes. Silence  …     ...more>>
Something fishy smells in WWF, the conservation organization with a worldwide presence. A few days back we ...more>>
        I see, therefore I realize. I feel, therefore I emote. I know, which is why ...more>>
For many years, wildlife managers and field biologists have worked at loggerheads in India. The haughtiness ...more>>
      When the mind and body is well, all works well .. when the mind and body is indisp ...more>>
      The gang .. before the gates opened .. And there again in the forefront afte ...more>>
    It has been noticed often that when you allow worry to worry you, you end up worrying the ...more>>
      Lost in memory and in a place where the ‘shradh’ is done for the Mot ...more>>
Long, long ago a Nigerian chieftain told his tribesmen: “I conceive that the land (read “earth” ...more>>
“We are here to look into the problems and requirements of film, television and media persons who wa ...more>>
      Dearest Ef … there is something that needs to be put on record ! Each time ...more>>
 A Positive attitude is better than an apple a day. The more positive and upbeat you are, the longer y ...more>>
There is no such thing as a great talent without great will power. Better to light one candle than to curs ...more>>
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