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Casteism? Civil Rights? Racism? Skin Colour? Understanding the Essence of Life The colour of our sk ...more>>
    Swachh means Clean. Bharath represents the magnificent interpretation ...more>>
AAm Aadmi " A common Man " is always weak from generation to generation due to their disorganized way of wo ...more>>
As I grow old often go in reminiscence of old events and try to know what right and what wrong happened. ...more>>
I am a retired former NRI from Kerala, India, aged 71. This is a belated letter; I hesitated, wondering whe ...more>>
The Rail mantri Sri Suresh Prabhu is a chartered Accountant by training and a man rated highly for his inte ...more>>
The buzz in the twitter world is the resources generated through auctioning of spectrum and coal mines in e ...more>>
Annual Budgets are only statements of intent by Governments but create so much hype around the allocations ...more>>
A CBI court has issued summons to the former Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh to appear before it in the ...more>>
following massive defeat in Lok Sabha polls and subsequent reverses in Assembly polls elsewhere, Indian Nat ...more>>
I remember having talked about perfect crime on this blog sometime ago. May be my readers have lost it ...more>>
Indian Media especially visual media has been in the forefront of exposures of corrupt deals and has done a ...more>>
Some times I feel sorry for Rahul Gandhi, the scion of Gandhi Nehru family. If Rajiv ushered in a fresh ...more>>
The country is now run by aspitational class of upper middle class youth gainfully employed in sunrise sect ...more>>
Here I am putting my observations about what is possible if a separate Vidarbha State is formed. Nitin G ...more>>
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