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I had a high regard for Mamta Banerjee when she was fighting alone for oppressed people, terrorised people ...more>>
My first request is for someone who without applying their rusty minds, just by reading the title of this ...more>>
D Company refers to those who are close to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. K Company was an euphemism for th ...more>>
In 2011 we have seen many cricket Tournament in which few matchs won by India and few lost by India but the ...more>>
To treat the cancer of corruption, congress party is prescribing the medicine which is given to cure cough ...more>>
Mulayam Singh Yadav leader of Samajwadi Party says that if Lokpal bill is passed the elected Members of Par ...more>>
Sir B.N Rau ICS who drafted the Constitution of India had never imagined that politics of intrigues, perfid ...more>>
UPA Government produced Lokpal Bill but is not the Bill it is just a formalities done  by Government t ...more>>
Lokpal   It is with a sense of anticipation that I sat before the TV on 23rd to absorb the mood of t ...more>>
Ramdeo Baba has been making his best efforts with the support of his followers to build pressure on the gov ...more>>
India is a democratic Country. Democracy is no more by the people, of the people and for the people. It is ...more>>
First Part    Debate on Loss on 2G Spectrum allocation   Advocates of Central Governm ...more>>
At the outset I should confess that some of my views which are blunt could seem to be totally biased. I hav ...more>>
Advocates of Congress Party are now talking of Supremacy of Parliamentary system and principles of Democrac ...more>>
Why people do not revolt against corruption?          This refers to ...more>>
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