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One’s fate is like a vessel.A vessel with all that one requiresTo run through all the big oceans.In i ...more>>
समाजसेवी अन्ना हजारे न  चाह कर भी  हिस ...more>>
Demand of Purvanchal as a seperate state is very old  demand  where District like Ballia, Ajamgar ...more>>
Will Sadananda Gowda government honour ‘Jnanapeetha Award’ recepients ? by M K VidyaranyaKan ...more>>
Typed Copy of the Order dated 13/10/11, passed by Election Tribunal, BSBC, Patna. Election Petition No.01 ...more>>
   अन्ना हजारे के आन्दोलन को संघ का सम ...more>>
( अन्‍ना 'महात्‍मा'), असल में अन्ना हजारे ...more>>
Today I see an unusual news report about 35 IPS officers among members of Gujarat  IPS Association who ...more>>
Mr Narendra Modi certainly deserves to be the Prime Ministerial Candidate. There is a saying "Where there i ...more>>
Whenever a senior political leader discuses about recent trends in politics, often  it is mentioned th ...more>>
Idiots are now trying to show people of India that they are not divided, they committed fraud with the conc ...more>>
The recent activity of  Narendra Modi's Sadhbhawana Ansan at Gujarat started a new question weather th ...more>>
Election 2009: These are the days of election fever and every politician is suffering through it. Many have ...more>>
Today India is being treated amongst fastest developing country and its rate of growth is one of the   ...more>>
If any one suggests me the suitable name for the Next PM of India then I would not support Mr. Modi as a PM ...more>>
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