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Act to Lead

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Founder and Managing Director
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One of the key ingredients to be a successful entrepreneur and emerge as a leader in your business or profession is to Act.  The dreams, the vision, the goals that you have in mind need to be realised and for that the next essential component is to get up and put into action through strategies and plans. 

The most successful business leaders in the world are the one who germinated their ideas in their minds and activated their entire physiology to put into action their thought process to reach the pinnacle of their potential. As 19th century philosopher Thomas Henry Huxley points out, "The great end of life is not knowledge but action." 

How a successful leader gets into the action mode? How you activate your physiology to accomplish the goals?

This greatly depends on how you communicate. Not externally, but internally.  The communication you have with your own self.  How you are conversing with yourself? The words, tonality, the expressions of your conversation with yourself prepares you for action...or inaction. At any given time, you are in a state of cheerfulness, resourceful, loving, compassionate, because of the state of your inner being... the quality of communication that you are having with yourself. 

People get inactivated because of numerous internal and external stimuli. It could be a fear, a preconceived notion, an assumed threat, or a simple negation of one's abilities through our internal communication.  The external environment can be what others say to you, or your perception of the external threats. 

But successful business leaders are the one who have very strong, positive, proactive conversation with themselves. Who are focussed and passionate about their idea and have a very large positive picture of the outcome that would impact the lives of the people. Someone as passionate as Colonel Sanders, who despite his failing business, did not mind travelling hundreds of miles to sell the recipe of his Kentucky Fried Chicken, despite repeated rejection.  His belief in himself, his product, and a very strong communication with himself inspired him to carry on till he hit success, and today, KFC is delighting customers across the globe. 

It boils down to one thing...your communication with your own self. Go ahead and change that pattern. Go ahead and model yourself like the great successful people.  Go ahead and improve your physiology which reflects confidence and success.  Walk the world as you have already succeeded and achieved your goals. Your thoughts will determine the level of your destiny.  You can create yours.