Common Men Promotes Corruption
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editricon Common Men promotes Corruption

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The root cause of corruption is common man. Corruption is neither caused by rich people nor by politicians. Corruption is not started by government employees. Corruption is created by common man. Corruption is fed by common man. Corruption is of/by/for common man. Common man is using government employees for maintaining corruption.

Only common man can destroy corruption. Common man likes to kill corruption because he is affected maximum by corruption. But common man is waiting for government to destroy corruption. Government cannot destroy corruption without help of common man. Common man is ready to help government in all possible ways to destroy corruption. But common man cannot stop himself involving in corruption. Now it is responsibility of government to destroy corruption by taking help of common man to save common man.

Corruption started when a common man tried to save some time by intruding a queue with help of a known person. That got extended and reached to government offices to move files ahead of others in the queue with help of known person or money or power.
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