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A Message for the Corporate....

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Necessity and responsibility must always have two important operating domains viz., ‘giving and receiving’.  One should never attempt to measure who exhibits the necessity, responsibility and care the most – whether the employee or the corporate.   Many corporate expects the employees to follow high level of ethics and demand responsibility and care for the corporate from them but the corporate never reciprocate or show the same gesture.

Employees must feel the necessity of the job & the corporate and similarly the corporate also must reciprocate the same sentiments towards the employees.  Nature has the best example to show how the responsibility and necessity should be shown and received.

The baby kangaroos (Joeys) are precocial, precarious and primitive at birth.  The size of the baby kangaroo is reported to be 1-2 inch in length.  As soon as they are born, they have to navigate the marsupial pouch of the mother to protect their life.  The mother only facilitates the Joey to do so but the baby kangaroo has to find the way by itself. 

Only when the Joey enters the pouch of the mother kangaroo, it can suckle milk and stay secured.  Despite being very primitive at birth, nature has made every baby kangaroos to be responsible, and be aware of the necessity to take care of itself by quickly navigating the pouch of the mother kangaroo.  Once they enter the pouch, the mother kangaroo takes the responsibility to provide food, shelter and protection to its young one.    

Every employee must learn this management insight from the baby kangaroo when they join the organization.  They are expected to show the highest form of responsibility and necessity to display and prove their talents and capability.  The corporate is also expected to play the role of the mother kangaroo in providing right ambiance, work culture and support to people to perform and grow within the organization. 

Responsibility and necessity never reside only in receiving or giving.  Both the employee and the corporate must realize that they exist for mutual benefits and hence must follow the principle of ‘give and receive’ totally.   The baby kangaroo first shows its responsibility and necessity and only then the mother kangaroo comes to the scene to offer its share. 

Nature has endless examples and study models to offer to the corporate to learn, understand and apply in the day to day life in corporate.  The modern corporate must develop interest and sensitivity to biology and nature.

The corporate and its employees must carefully study the ‘responsibility’ instinct of the baby kangaroo, only then they can be better ‘givers and receivers’ of responsibility and care.