Success Vs Failure Or Life Vs Death
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Success vs Failure or Life vs Death

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Making error in judgment is not uncommon in corporate world.  The consequences or the implications of such error are also well known to the corporate.  The issue is not about the error but about how to avoid such ‘judgment errors’ and knowing what actually contributes to such state is what the leaders must focus and learn from the animal world. 

The fastest animal known to man on date is Cheetah.  The recorded highest running speed of cheetah is 114 kilometers per hour.  But such speed, the animal can maintain only for a few seconds.  On the other hand, the deer also can run around 80 kilometers per hour but can maintain the speed for much larger time period. 

The deer with such great capacity falls prey to cheetah.  Knowing the capability of the deer well, cheetah chases and catches the deer.  Sometime cheetah also fails in its hunting attempt. 

The root cause for the failure or success is not the capability or its superiority but only the error in judging the distance of the prey by the predator or the prey about the predator, present success/failure to cheetah or death/life to a deer.   

Hence the judgment has to be wise, spontaneous, correct and accurate.  This message the corporate world must understand.  It is not avoiding or delaying the ‘judgment’ is as an option but how to be wise is what one should learn. 

In the case of deer, the fear due to the chasing cheetah from behind certainly allows the deer to be unwise and makes error in judgment.  Many corporate bosses do behave like cheetah and always they chase the subordinates to achieve the target/result.  The constant chasing does harm the creativity, wisdom and understanding of the people.  Sometime such approach may yield result but never makes the people ‘empowered’ and ‘talented’. 

The reason for the bosses to behave like cheetah is nothing but the acute necessity.  If cheetah had planned properly and hunt before it becomes totally hungry, much of the judgment error would not have happened or can be avoided.   The corporate leaders should not wakeup one fine morning to realize that results are not happening and hence chase the subordinates from behind like how a cheetah chases the deer. 

Neither the boss nor the subordinate lacks talent, merit or capability to achieve the result.  But unfortunately, they have not used them wisely and timely.  Remember, it is not just the capability enables one to become successful but knowing and using it appropriately and making least ‘judgment error’ only ensures success.

Death of the deer is what makes the success of cheetah.  This management approach is fine only for prey and predators in nature.  The corporate should understand the message differently and apply the same wisely.  Understand the fact that most judgment errors are happening only due to the 11th hour chase or follow up for result. 

Learn the lesson wisely from both the success and failure of cheetah and deer as both has many essential management lessons to share.