Be Like An Elephant... A Career Message To The Corporate People
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Be Like an Elephant... A Career Message to the Corporate People

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Have you ever asked the question of why the elephants are so big in size?  Does the massive body size of the elephant have any relevance or meaning to the corporate?  Is there any management message the corporate has to learn from the above?  

The above question, one should never attempts to answer from the scientific angle.  One has to define, understand and interpret the same only from the perspective of corporate management and how to achieve success in the corporate. 

It has been reported that elephants spent nearly 20 hours a day just in eating.  Wide variety of plants, grasses, twigs, tree barks, fruits etc., weighing together 100 kg, an elephant consumes per day. 

The answer is clear and simple.  When an animal spent nearly 20 hours a day for only eating and consumes nearly 100 kg of food every day will naturally grows big and definitely big enough to earn the title of  the ‘biggest’ animal on the land. 

That is how the elephants are big.  The management message what the corporate has to derive is that when someone engages in doing a job continuously and spent lot of time in it, will naturally become ‘big’ like an elephant.

How deeply, how long and how much one is involved in a job or task only determines ones success, expertise and glory.  But unfortunately, most corporate employees while doing the job that they are suppose to do, are ‘least involved’, ‘least committed’, and ‘least interested’. 

When the employees do the job just for the sake of doing (just for the salary), naturally they get nothing at the end of the day other than their monthly salary.  That is why many employees despite having spent donkey years in corporate world, remains as amateur and beginner in their respective fields.   

For example, the formulation chemists in the R&D of many FMCG industries know nothing other than mere mixing chemistry.  Many years or even decades, they may be doing the same job, but unfortunately with no life or vigor.   They do not update their knowledge; learn anything new because they never apply ‘life’ to their work.

Is the elephant so big because it eats for 20 hrs a day? The corporate should not analyze or attempt to answer the above question from the scientific angle.   The hidden management message of the nature only the corporate should discover.

Every employee should learn the message that for achieving any incredible fete, it is not luck or fortune, only the ‘timeless effort’ is inevitable.   Be committed and consistent and get involved in the job with passion.   Surpass the limitation of time; certainly your success will be beyond ‘time’ and ‘space’. 

Be like an elephant, involved in your task ‘totally and completely’ and certainly you would become as big as an elephant in your area of expertise.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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