The Most Successful Open Source Software In The History
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The Most Successful Open Source Software in the History

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What’s Open Source Software?

Open source software is a kind of source code that can be acquired freely, the software copyright holder of the software allow users to keep part of the right to learn, modify, improve the quality of the software under the provisions of this agreement.

So, for the open source itself, t is a successful cases. It not only can be liked by people, and many famous enterprises also interested in it. Although open source and open source products plan is so much, but which one is the most successful? What the meaning of "success" here  is the widely used + well known. : And among many successful open source products, only the few leaders, and other products basically could only watch with admiration.


Reason of the first one: Linux + GNU = GNU/Linux. From Linus Torvalds declared in 1991 that he created new OS based on Minix kernel has now been close to 20 years. At that time, most of the web server is Linux system.


Reason: the Apache HTTP server comes out in 1996, it is the most widely used Web server, its market share is far more than second IIS. In 2009, more than 100 million sites worldwide Apache.

According to Netcraft2010 years on August 11, data statistics show that at present had the global 119664128 sites use Apache; Apache now have 56.06% market share, IIS is 25.03%.what’s some third-party software also begin to realize the open source strategy, according to my search in the Google, I found the PDF converter for mac software publisher seems to open the Source.


Reason: MySQL is a global widly used and most extensive database system. In 2009, global MySQL installation quantity has reached 11 million. It is LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) the M. Many famous website and products are using MySQL, such as: d/the encyclopedia, Facebook, Google and Wordpress. (Google and Facebook transformed MySQL to meet their own needs).


Reason: so far, it is the most successful product in Mozilla. November 9, 2004, FireFox 1.0 come out. Now though Firefox could hardly shake IE, but it is technical personnel preferred browser.


Reason: when Wordpress comes out as a a part of b2 blog software from 2004, it began to dominate the market blog platform. According to Pingdom in 2009 showed that the global Top 100 blogs, 27% of Wordpress is using. If plus and Automattic Wordpress service blog, this data rose from 32% to. August 2010, Wordpress 3.0 has been more than 12.5 million online download.

About author:

Author is a software development lover, he has been spend a lot of time developing a open source software like PowerPoint to DVD software and PPT to flash as his first open source plan.