Basic Safety Tips For Women In Public Places
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Basic Safety Tips For Women In Public Places

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Young Women Must Train in the Martial Arts

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In light of the growing crimes against women in India and the unrest among the youth in the country to initiate stricter laws against criminals and rapists, I have to say that no law can deter a criminal mind from achieving his / her aims and objectives. As long as humanity as a whole and society does not evolve into higher states of consciousness, crime will always remain. We are still an animalistic species and hidden under our cultivated civilized appearance lies an animal that can shed its civilized skin and turn into a beast at any given opportunity. Contrary to what you might think, it is every man and woman on their own in this world. These might be harsh words but it is best to face the truth rather than live in a delusionary make-believe sugar-coated world which is unreal.

Do Not Expect Help From Others

When being attacked in a public place even in full public view, do not expect help from others. Most people do not want to risk injury to themselves or involve themselves in other people’s problems. Very rarely will someone brave their life to come to your rescue. Which is why you must be well prepared physically, mentally and emotionally to deal with any risk or harm that might come your way in the future.

I strongly advise women to enrol in a martial arts program near their residences and put in daily efforts either before going to work or college in the morning or in the evening hours. Learning martial arts is a double-edged sword. The woman of today leads a highly stressful life. She is expected to fulfill many obligations unlike the woman of two generations back. She has to not only look after her family’s needs but also that of her children’s, her husband’s and at the same time manage her career. Traveling in public places and being under constant male scrutiny puts her at added risk of attack and confrontation. By training in martial arts, at the end of a year you will not only emerge mentally and physically tougher and stronger but also become confident in your interactions with men and feel more secure in public places. Armed with tactics that can ward off any attacker, martial arts training will also keep you in prime physical condition to take on the responsibilities of your life and career as well.

Remember criminals always pick out the weakest and those who look the most vulnerable. If the Delhi gang rape victim was trained in basic martial arts and self defense she could have easily thwarted the advances of the 5 attackers and escaped from the bus – even going as far as injuring her attackers grievously – instead of the current scenario where she is battling for her own life.

Safety Tips For Women Using an ATM

Let us now cover some situations where women are at risk. The ATM for one. Criminals applauded the advent and overwhelming use of automated teller machines or ATM’s. It is less risky than robbing a bank and the escape is easier, especially at night. So the first rule of safety when using an ATM is to use them during the day. Check your wallet before you leave work. Short on cash? Stop by the ATM in your office building or at your bank on the way home.

If you still need to withdraw cash after dark, follow these precautions if you are at an unmanned ATM. Even if there are guards around, remember that ATM guards in India are usually unarmed. The thief would just need to draw a knife or a gun for the guard to duck and throw his hands up. Look around before putting your card in the ATM. Punch in your code/in number. Look around again. Punch in the amount. Look around again.

Criminals tell us that it’s at this point they strike. Be prepared. Keep ever vigilant, until you hear that annoying beeping that signals your cash is ready. Immediately press the “I do not want to make another transaction” key. Take your money and ATM cards, get into your car or melt into the crowd onto the streets.

More precautions for women when using an ATM: 

  • Insert ATM card-look around to see if anyone is approaching.
  • If you have Pepper Spray, have it ready.
  • Put in your pin / code number — look around again.
  • Put in your withdrawal amount — look around and keep looking around until you hear the annoying beep signaling you to take your money.
  • Quickly remove your money and look around until you get back into your vehicle. Lock the door and drive away. If walking immediately move into a crowded area or street.

Safety Tips For Women Using Public Transportation

Safety inside Buses, Metro and Railway Stations

Stay Alert, Stay Alive

In light of the recent gang rape of a girl in Delhi, here’s something I would again urge women to keep in mind: STAY ALERT. MOVE AWAY FROM UNCOMFORTABLE PEOPLE AND PLACES.

When you board a public bus or subway, sit close to the driver or other friendly faces. What’s a “friendly face?” Trust your gut instinct. You know a trusting friendly face when you see one. Similarly you can sense when a person has wicked intentions. It’s all there in the expressions and the body language.

The bottom line is, again, trust your 6th sense. But if someone does bother you, don’t be embarrassed to shout “Leave me alone!” and if that doesn’t work, scream! Finally, watch who gets off the bus or railway station with you. If your now finely tuned 6th sense tells you to walk with the others who have also gotten off the bus, listen to it.

If a robbery is imminent and occurs, give up whatever property the robber wants. Do not resist. Expensive jewelry or wads of cash or credit cards is not worth your risking your life! Just give up your watch or ring, throw the money or wallet in the air and run screaming at the top of your lungs. Criminals tell us that 9 times out of 10, they won’t chase you. After all, they have what they wanted, your property and money. But if they do chase you, scream for help. If they catch you — try and act as if you have fainted! Sometimes this tactic works very well and most robbers and thieves do not want to do anything with a limp, uncommunicative and unresistant body which can land them into a soup. Women should do well to learn how to faint by acting it out at home and mastering it. When in trouble just act as if you have fainted at the spot.

Hope the above tips will help all the women reading this to inculcate strategies that will help them to feel safer and ensure long term protection. Please enter your email id in the field below to keep receiving our daily safety strategies and tips straight into your email inbox everyday.

Also please feel free to call me on my cell phone +91 98195 80458 if you have any concerns about your safety and security at home or at your workplace be it real world or cyber stalking, counter surveillance if you feel you are being followed, phone harassment cases, bullying or any threats to your safety and life.

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Amit Sen, a commercial pilot by training, has over 15 years experience in the space of corporate investigations, handling Copyright & Trademark infringement cases, Pre – employment verification Industrial Espionage investigations, Asset & Net – Worth assessment assignments and vendor / supplier verification cases, among others. Co-founder of Alliance One Detectives – which is the best home security consultants in Mumbai. Apart from specializing in home security, Amit has also successfully completed assignments in a wide range of sectors, including the machine tools industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitality sector, specialized equipment (Oil & natural gas sector, aviation industry etc.), telecom industry & the IT & ITes sectors. These cases have all involved both offline and online investigations.

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