Entrepreneurial New Year: Is The Party On?
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Entrepreneurial New Year: Is the Party On?

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Facility Management Consultant
While we’re officially 1/3 the way through 2012, the fact is that the new financial year is well upon us. However, you need to consider this:have youentered this financial year the same way you entered the last? Are you still debt ridden, planless and confused? We spend far too much of our lives just ‘getting by’ instead of actually making a proactive effort to change our financial situation. This is especially tough from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Well, no more. It is time for change. The first step towards this is to change your pattern of thinking. Positive thinking may seem like a joke to many, but when it comes to debt eradication it is a footstool to your way out. Accepting that you are in debt is important. However, you should not let this acceptance bring you down. Think positive thoughts about your situation. It will help you focus on the solution rather than the problem.

The second step is belief. Belief is important. It’s like a rope that helps to pull you out of your situation and on to better pastures.  Believing that things are going to change for the better helps you move towards it.

For example, if you’re into property management, there are various aspects that are difficult for entrepreneurs, such as creating a building management system and maintenance management system. Everyone knows that asset management in India is difficult. Handling these tough situations requires positive thinking and belief.

There may not have been a party to celebrate the coming of the new financial year, but it’s time you mark the occasion by vowing to improve your financial life.