The Role Of Property Management Software Explained
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The Role of Property Management Software Explained

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Facility Management Consultant
Property management software helps an organization/individual categorize, file, control and manage everything related to property handling such as property documents, photos, lease agreements, expiry dates and tenant billing, as well as provides a help desk for property related issues and a vendor directory. There are many benefits that Property management software provides to the user.


The software categorizes and efficiently documents all relevant property data that will save a lot of time and effort. With the help of the software you can pull up and review any document or data you need to without wasting any time looking for it. Since the data is categorized and filed, it is always just a few clicks away, making for quick and easy building management .

Review and Action Tool

With the tools provided in the software you can do a quick review of your properties to aid in up your building and space management. What's more is that it also indicates the next feasible action you should take to properly handle any property related situation that might arise, such as lease renewals, tenant rentals, etc.

Automated Email Triggers

The property manager triggers automated e-mails regarding lease expiration dates and renewal dates, hence facilitating the managers to take timely actions regarding their properties.

Information Storage

It has a built-in information storage facility related to rental and lease agreements which can be pulled up whenever required and helps in managing the properties more efficiently. It also holds all the property related documents and does a comparative analysis for the documents whenever required.


Property management software also has a built-in Geo-coding system which help map the properties graphically based on latitude and longitude, thereby make it easier to identify their position and location.